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    No Sex With Minors Under The Age of 18

    We have on a number of occasions declared that this forum is meant for people 18 years and older. However, it was never made "official" as we had never in our experience encounter any teenagers wanting to hang around here. Well, things have changed. MeteorForum will take his stand very clearly that if your caught for paying underage sex, you would be banned straight away without any hesitation.

    Anyone keeping up with the news, both local and international, know that nowadays in every country, the law is making special efforts to go after adults who want to have a sexual relationship with a teenager or someone even younger - in the PLUs world, this mean a boy or child. In our local context, it is even more precarious for an adult to have any relationship with a boy or teenager. Getting caught mean long jail sentences, caning and public humiliation. It would be game over for the rest of your life, please do not risk for such an action, its not worth it.

    Read an article describing the new laws that our government is implementing.

    Today ZaoBao Newspapers reported on the frontpage that the Government is in the process of tightening the Law, in the areas of Sex Offence where minors are involved.

    Coming soon it will be an offence even if the sex act with minor is done overseas.

    Currently it is illegal to have sex with children (male or female) under 16 years of age. In future where there is payment for the sex (prostitution), the legal age will be revised up to 18 years old for male and female.

    I hope I translated the main essence of the report correctly.

    My advice, stay clear of any man under 18 years old no matter how horney you may be.

    新闻:新加坡 2006 -03-03




    MeteorForum admins and super moderators will be on the look for such incidents, and will take action against adults for trying to coerce or try to pay minors into sex. We seek your understanding in what we are doing. It really pained us to have to resort to such measures but with the local environment as it is, we have to show that we are making every reasonable effort to prevent and discourage relationships between adults and underage kids from being discussed in this forum. It is a tough task to tell people how to live their lives but where these kind of "relationships" are concerned, this is a position that the admin and moderators of this forum want to take.

    We sincerely appreciate your understanding and co-operation in this matter.
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