Meteor Forumís main objective is to protect the interests and well being of the members of the community and to enable the management team to manage the website. They are intended to set forth the Terms of Use of Meteor Forum website so that the members may communicate amicably and hopefully wif minimal friction and misunderstanding. Meteor Forum management teams reserve the right to penalize/ban anyone who fails to abide by these Rules & Regulations.

Members Rules

The members rules are to be strictly adhered to. Any misconduct is not allowed in the forum (e.g. polls, private messages, user profiles etc), and moderator will not hesitate to ban the user account if misconduct is found.

1. Posting/advertisement of personal items/products for monetary gains.

2. Spamming: posting of repeated meaningless topics.

3. Posting of vulgarities/profanities/banned words.

4. Flaming wif the intention to insult or offend members.

5. Illegal activity: Propaganda/accusations in the political context, posting/selling of illegal products.

6. Moderatorís decision are final. Any negative attitude (whining/accusing) towards moderators will not be not taken lightly and will be penalized.

Members Regulations

Members regulations serve as gentle reminders to our users. They also serve as guidelines on how our members should conduct themselves in Meteor forum.

1. Do note create duplicate posts.

2. No racisim is allowed. Language usage should be in English for all posts.

3. Any irrelevant postings in a topic will be automatically deleted by the moderator.

4. Meteor forum will not be held responsible for any foul outings/meetups between members.

5. Practice the habit of giving credits to the thread starter for anything that you post.

7. Do not post meaningless postings in the main threads such as sticky threads etc.

8. Meteor Forum reserves the right to input new guidelines at any point of time and all members must strictly adhere to these guidelines.