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    Reputation System

    Guidelines on Reputation (Rep) Power/System
    Dear members, kindly take note on the following guidelines on the acquiring and utilization of Rep power/system. These guidelines are necessary as it ensures there is no foulplay but instead fairness for all credits awarded as we continue to receive influx of postings from all members. We also hope to create an amicable environment where no biasness and unnecessary slating occurs.

    Reputation power:
    Rep power will be given to a member upon the fulfillment of any of the following:

    - Every 75 posts made OR
    - Every 150 Rep OR
    - Joined as member for a period of 365 days w/o posts

    Reputation System:
    Basically, the understated points elaborate on how the Rep system works and all members should always strictly adhere to these house rules:

    - Upon accumulation of 25 postings, a member will then be eligible to award Rep points
    - Rep points cannot be awarded to a same member again until you have given Rep points to 15 other distinctive
    - You are only allowed to award Rep points to a maximum of 5 members per day
    - For awarding Positive Rep points to a particular member, that member will receive full points.
    - For awarding Negative Rep points to a particular member,
    - At all times, Administrator will only be entitled to 10 Rep power.
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    Kindly refer to the following guidelines for better understanding of the reputation system:

    1. Every new member will begin wif reputation (rep) points = 15 / reputation (rep) power = 0
    E.g. Scoring System: Once a member reach rep points of 30 (benchmark), rep power will become 1.
    ( Note: Rep power will drop to “0” if rep points falls below the benchmark, and vice versa the rep power will restore back to “1” if rep points reach the benchmark.

    2. In the circumstance when rep points falls to “0”, moderation kicks in. During moderation, user will experience lagging of their postings. However, this should’nt deter the user from postings as these posts will resurface in a short while.

    3. Regardless of the number of postings made by the user, it will not have direct impact on rep power.

    4. ONE rep click is allowed every 24 hours. Thus users please take note to award those clicks only when necessary.

    5. Voting system: Pls note that you can’t vote for a member again until you award reputation to 500 other members before you can start voting that particular member again.

    6. Strictly no flaming is allowed in the forum regards of the topics. In the event flaming occurs, the moderator will not hesitate to deduct rep points, or even closure of user account as deemed fit by the moderator.

    7. Moderator will not tolerate any member who use the rep system to smear innocent members. If in the event this occurs, the smearing party will be exposed and placed under moderation.

    8. In the event if members need to undergo an exchange of war of words (spouting vulgarities etc) by using the rep system, the member’s nick must be disclosed/reveal if not these members will be penalized as deemed fit by the moderator.

    9. If members are found to have multiple nicks in the forum, they will be placed in moderation mode.
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