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    One Night Stand vs Prostitute

    One Night Stand vs Prostitute

    This is the difference between ONS and Prostitute

    One Night Stand - Cons / Pros

    1) Doesn't have to pay her, just pay for the food/hotel/condom.
    2) Its good, since both partying is "really" enjoying the moment.
    3) Might have a bit of the "love" feeling when doing, thus more enjoying.
    4) Treating the partner like couple? Chat and get to know each others better?
    5) Might not be "clean", thus its dangerous. Some of the One Night Stand(er) don't use condom from what we know.
    6) Might lead to string attach. It may be good or bad.
    7) Can be long term partner.

    Prostitute - Cons / Pros

    1) Have to pay for all.
    2) She will service you.
    3) She don't enjoy, she just care about money.
    4) Clean, I guess
    5) No string attached.
    6) Lots of restrictions. Example kisses, licking and raw activities are not allowed.

    Please tell us your experience if you have some.

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    A good hooker is one where the service is really really good.

    Raw is almost a no no for all hookers.

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