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    Micasa MP@Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

    Missed my chances to try this young ML when she was Mizuku MP & YeSpa but I finally found her to be working at Micasa now...One the first night that I saw her, planned to try her but after watching she went in and then came out...then went in and came out with customers non-stop and time was already too late, I cancelled my intention but planned to return back the next day to try her....So, I left but not before telling Kelvin that I will return for her the next day...

    So, the next day before I go for my Tour of Duty, I dropped by Micasa for a while to try Bi bi (no. 31)...Bobo’s younger sister...So around 2.45pm, I reached Micasa and already 2 customers were in the waiting room...Just as I sat myself on the sofa, a customer came out and there she was, returned after serving that customer....Kelvin asked me whether I wanna wait for a while...and I asked him for what?...He told me that 2 PRCs were on their way to Micasa from Sky River...He asked me whether I wanna try the PRC for him....So, I considered for a while but made my decision that I’m sticking to my original plan that is to go for Bi bi... Kelvin then went in to get her and in just 2 mins she came out and Kelvin pointed at me and we both went into the ‘Servicing Area’....She held me by the hand and into our room at the end with the attached bathroom....Nothing was spoken from her and she looked like she is in bad mood....I thought to myself...’I’m beginning to feel that this gonna be a ‘flip-car’ for me’ as she might be those ‘Preferred Customer’ type of ML and I wasn’t gonna be one of that customer....But I just went on and hope that nothing unwated will happen.

    Then we began stripping ourselves naked and we both headed for the shower..She cleaned my whole body & my didi as I was only looking at her...When really closed to her, she seems to be not bad looking. Just that her facial expression made her looked like she was in a bad mood and I began to think that I might picked her on the wrong time....So, I just had to break the ice cos I worried things will turn out bad...So, I asked her for her name and she answered Bi Bi...Then i asked how old she is...she told me 19...Hmm...very young perhaps...Then I asked her, does she know Bobo?....At first she was surprised when I asked her about Bobo....Then she asked me do I know Bobo?....I said ‘Yes’....’Bobo is my friend and knew her well’.....Then only the situation changed...The table have turned now and she began to become friendly, chatty & smiles were seen on her face since then...While washing me up, she began telling me that Bobo is in Vietnam and how long will she be back for.....Then she told me how long she was in Malaysia and all.....I began to feel comfortable as she was more responsived since then.....

    Then backed again into the room and I set myself comfy on the bed faced down...Bi bi then began the what I considered to be the ‘Next Best Thing’ cos he massage was tremendously good...Excellent technique, superb handskills & great vital points pressure pressings...My body felt really soothing & relaxed as we massaged all over my back and down to both my legs....Bobo has trained her excellently well and she has inherited part of Bobo’s massage skills....With more training and experienced during work, she will definitely be on the same level & skilled as Bobo...Bi Bi then began to do B2B but not before applying some massage oil and then began the B2B beginning from both my legs...and then walked herself up my back and until she arousingly pressed her body against my back where I could feel her pussy & her pussy hair pressed against my ass...

    She then instructed me to flip-over my back....to begin the next session..Once I flipped over, she finally smiled at me....She smile made her looked cuter than has before...Then she began to CB me which was little bit sensual..I.’ve had better to be frank....As she continued to CB me, her hands began stroking my didi slowly & sensually... I began to get an erection in an instant...She then slowly moved down south by licking all over my body until she reached my groin area....She then started BBBJ me with hot water...Her BBBJ was somewhat very good...On contrary, her BBBJ somehow quite similar to Bobo’s techniques...Very sensual and very arousing that I started to get an erection...After a few rounds of Hot water BBBJ, she finally gave me a raw BBBJ which was even sensual....By this time my didi had become hard as steel.....After she was satified that my didi was concrete hard and ready for an action, she capped me up and began riding me CG...

    Her pussy felt so tight and I really enjoyed it...I knew right then that I wouldn’t last another 2 or more positions...Then I told her that I wanted to do her doggystyle. She obliged and then positioned herself for my favourite doggystyle....After I inserted my didi into her wet warmed pussy, I began my spine tinggling poundings from behind....After about 10-15 strokes, I finally shot my load. It felt really good and she was really a good fuck....After that we rested for a while, then TCSS while she massaged my hands and legs....Then we went for clean-ups where we TCSS again until we finally got dressed...After that we bid each other goodbye before exited feeling very SEXtified.....

    Date: 10/09/2014
    Time: 3.00pm
    Port: Micasa MP@Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
    ML Name: Bi Bi
    ML No: 31
    Age: 19
    Origin: Popiah – Hanoi: Bobo’s sister but staying with Dad whereas Bobo is staying with Mom
    Face: 8/10 – Innocentm & Typical Local Chinese looks
    Body: 8/10 – Slim & Petite. Typical Teen’s Figure.
    Boobs: 8/10 – 32C Cup......Firm & Soft Teenage Boobs
    Pussy: 8.5/10 – Tight & Warmed Moist Vigina
    Ass: 8.5/10 – Curvy Round Ass
    Massage: 10/10 – Superb massage. She is Bobo’s Protege. Was well-trained by her sister Bobo.
    B2B: 9/10 – Very Good B2B. Really well-trained by Bobo as her techniques & moves was similar to Bobo’s
    CB: 7/10 – Nips concentrated
    AR: nil
    DFK: Didn’t try
    DATY: Didn’t do
    BBBJ: 7/10 – Not a bad BBBJ
    FJ: 9/10 – Very Tight & warmed Teenage vigina feels really steamy...
    GFE: 8/10 – At first she seems to be a quiet one...But as we go on, we chatted more where seh told me about her relations with her sister Bobo
    Overall: 8.5/10 – had a very good time with her. Her massage was superb & bonking was good
    Damage: RM130 (Regular visitor price)
    WIR: Yes

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    Meanwhile this are some of my previous FR(s) which I had for this MP...

    For as long as I remember...Micasa had continuously been providing excellent, pretty & service oriented medium height PRC MLs for its customers but yesterday, they finally broke the traditions when a Newly Cute, Petite & Small size 'Cilipadi' PRC ML suddenly appeared among Micasa's line-ups....She was no W902, named Nana, A cute typical PRC looks in her early twenties...I reckon she was maybe in between 19-21YO judging from her body size and her skin complexions.....As Kelvin paraded Nana to me and told me she's new and he had not have any feedback on her yet, he asked me...'Would you dare to try?...I don't know how her service is like...'.....Then I told him that I didn't mind having a go at her and told him....'Belum try belum tau'....and 'One way to find out'.....is to just give it a shot....Don't put much hope of excellent services but give her a handicap as she is still new & very young....By not giving her the a head-start 'benefit of the doubt'....it would really be unfair to her....So I took the risk to try her and 'hope for the best but prepare for the worst'....After she had a quick 2mins break, she came out and escorted me into the cubicle with her cute & pretty smile on her face...

    Nothing much were spoken between us two cos she speaks a very little English or shall I say no English at all….But we both understood the international ‘cheongster’ language, that is to strip ourselves naked…Then she lead me to the bathroom for the regular clean-ups…but when we got there, the toilet were occupied and she signaled to me to wait for a minute…..Then she came over towards me and sat on my laps while I hugged her from behind….Her small petite body was really nice to hug….I felt ‘wanted’ when she sat on my lap and allowed me to hugged her…and so we waited…I then asked her her name, she replied Nana….Then she asked me if I’m from Malaysia..(which I understood what she was trying to ask…that is if I am ‘Malay’)….and I answered her Yes…That was about the same time the toilet door opened and there emerged from the dimmed lit toilet, Anna with her customer….Then we entered the toilet for our turns to clean ourselves….She cleaned me thoroughly especially my didi…

    After that we headed back to the cubicle and she told me to wait for her while she when and grab her gear…When she returned, she threw her towels on the floor and began to sit on my back then began her massages…..From the massage itself, it proved that she really new in these but it wasn’t bad at all….Just that she need more trainings and there’s always a room for improvements for her…So guys, give her a little credit….Don’t expect to high from thos young beauty…Then she began the fire&ice all over my back and down to my legs which was quite arousing….Her techniques again proved that she’s really new in this but it’s fine with me…Then she began the B2B massage where she was quite in a hurry…But maybe she has no experience in this so she was worried and was in a hurry to end it…I told Kelvin about this and he will speak to her…It’s not a bad thing…Just that a little more training is needed for her and she will be good at it…But despite all the inexperiences, she outstandingly proved that she wasn’t to be discredited entirely….This proved what she did next…

    So after she finished with the massage, she signaled to me to flip over myself and then she started to massage both my shoulder for awhile….Then after that she began her CB nipples concerntrated…Then she slide down towards my didi….She grabbed and hold my didi gently and what she did next, really brought a surprise to me…The moment to put my didi inside her mouth, everything changed to an excellent experienced….Eventhough this young PRC’s massages wasn’t that good…but her BBBJ seems proved to be top of the range….It changed the mood entirely and it changed my perceptions towards her….This young inexperienced PRC was in fact an excellent cock sucker!....She blows like an expert….Just like her other counterparts…and at one time, I could say she was better than some of her comrades!...As her Raw BBBJ was very sensual & arousing, she then switched to hot water BBBJ…With her desolute eye contacts while BBBJ-ing me really turned me on….I played with her ‘teen girls’ small boobies….To me the size was okay and it really didn’t matter….I fondled & squeezed her boobs and nipples which she began to moan as she was BBBJ-ing me….Her superb BBBJ really turned the heat on and as I began to wanting for more action, I signaled to her to start the FJ….She obliged then grabbed the CD and asked me if it’s okay that she put on the CD on me?...I told her yes and can’t wait to fuck her…..

    After putting on the CD on me, she climbed up and slowly began to inserted my did into her damned tight pussy!....and I say again….Damned tight pussy! OMG!...She really was tight!....After my whole didi was inside of her, I sent like a shockwave to her entire body….I felt her pussy was like squeezing & grabbing my didi….It was so damned arousing!...As she began to rocked up and down, I was feeling the intensity of tight pussy massaging my didi….It was so damned tight!...I knew that I couldn’t last long…so I signaled to her to switch into missionary position…As she positioned herself, I began to inserted my didi but couldn’t….She was too tight…So I told her to put it in for me as she nows how to slot my didi into her tight pussy…After I finally entered her fully, I began to pumped her slowly…Slowly that I wouldn’t wanna hurt this pretty sweet PRC’s pussy…As I throttled up to a more faster pace, she moaned so loud…..With her young pretty face was in sheer pleasure, I couldn’t help it but to shoot out my load…And it was a very SEXtifying bonk I had that day as I collapsed on her….She was hugging me tight and her pussy was squeezing my didi and it felt nice….Her body even jerked a little in pleasure…..After I got up and lay down beside her, she began to take the CD off me and cleaned me up really well….

    After that she began to massage my shoulder, my hands and finally my thigh and end the session…We went to clean ourselves up and then got dressed…Before I exited the cubicle, I gave her a kiss on her forehead and thanked her for the wonderful experienced…..

    Date: 20/08/2014
    Time: 4.00pm
    Port: Micasa MP@Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
    ML: No. W902
    Name: Nana
    Age: early 20ies…very young I supposed
    Origin: PRC
    Face: 8/10 – Cute Young Pretty PRC
    Boobs: 7.5/10 – ‘Teen Girls’ type of boobies…Small indeed
    Pussy: 9/10 – Freaking Tight!...But was so bushy…if it was well trimmed…she would have scored a perfect 10!
    Ass: 7/10 – Curvy round small ass
    Massage: 6/10 – Mediocre…She can improve with more trainings
    DFK: Didn’t get
    CB: 7/10 – Not bad
    AR: 6/10 – a little
    DATY: Didn’t do it cos too bushy
    GFE: 7/10 – Not bad despite communications breakdown
    BBBJ: 10/10 – Excellent!..Like a pro!
    B2B: 6.5/10 – Was in a hurry a little bit…Maybe because she was shy cos she wasn’t that good..But there is always a room for improvements
    FJ: 10/10 – Imagine bonking a fucking tight pussy!
    Damage: Special regular member price
    Overall: 8/10 – More can be improved with this pretty Young cute PRC….Her BBBJ was superb though and bonking her fucking tight pussy was nothing but sheer pleasure!
    WIR: Definitely..Never lose faith with Micasa MP

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    Yesterday morning while I was at work..I was flipping through my wechat and one post caught my attention..It was an updated post by Micasa where the Pretty PRC no. J616 (The PRC that bro Aloevera took last week at SR) was actually at Micasa yesterday...I still remember bro Aloevera words to me after his session with her that, I must try this no. J616 cos bro Aloevera gave an amazing ratings & spoke highly of her...So I became interested and since it was a recommendation by my respectful sifu, I had to try her myself...

    So after I got off from work at 4pm...I wechat OKT Kelvin to asked about her and was confirmed by him that she was at Micasa today..Kelvin then asked me to come and try her..I told him..'As a matter of fact, I am bro!'...and proceeded to book her for the 7.30pm appointment. So Kelvin confirmed my slot. After I took my shower, I got in the car and started my journey to Micasa under the heavy rain and terrible rush hour traffic. Worrying thst I might not be able to make it on time, I wechat Kelvin again to let him know I would like to push the appointment to a later time, around 8pm..Kelvin assured me that wasn't a problem at all..So while still stucked in the heavy traffic in Klang Lama area, suddenly I got a Whatsapp from bro nimitz asking me what time I was going to Micasa?..I knew something fishy was going on and I just had a strong feelings that he was also heading there for the same reason.. (hahahaha…just joking lah bro...).. I reached Micasa around 7.15pm and went up straight and was greeted with a smile by Kelvin and his partner...There were 1 customer at the time...So i picked my usual spot which is the black leather lazy sofa by the door...After a quick chit chat with Kelvin, the customer went in with no. 39 and there just walking out was no. J616, just finished with her customer…Kelvin immediately informed her that I was next to be served but I told Kelvin to asked her to take a break for 5mins cos I can wait….I didn’t want to rush things and she also needed some rest as well..

    So I asked the bro who came out after the session with how she was…He said she was okay….He seemed to be satisfied after the session with her…So I sat there waited eagerly how is she going to treat me since her customers are mainly CKT bros…I didn’t put high expectations and was just assumed that it will just a normal session only…This ML is not really those gorgeous PRC type at Sky River, but to me she is a beauty in some way…She has that cute & sweet face that makes you loved looking at her. Solid & petite body at a nice height with a nice curvaceous ass that makes her pretty to my eyes …But bro, always be careful! Looks can be deceiving…..as they say and I was about to find that out somewhat the ‘sweetest way’ I shall say…
    Then she finally ready to serve me and escorted me in to the cubicle at the end…She started with a sweet ‘ice breaking’ by asking me in English..’How are you?’…I replied her… I’m fine and asked her back..’Ni Hao Ma?....Then suddenly she became really sweet and showed me how naughty she was….She suddenly turned into more like a GF the moment we were in the cubicle…She hugged me tightly and was looking straight into my eyes with her very sweet smile...Our eyes were locked onto each other and were standing and staring at each other like long-lost couple…It was true what bro AV said that her GFE somewhat amazing…Then we kissed for a bit but I returned her a favour with a gentle DFK…She seemed to liked it and suddenly became naughty which surprised me as I didn’t expected it. She started to undress me by taking my shirt off and then began to sucked on my nips..She was sucking both my nips like a hungry cat then she undone my belt and pulled down my pants and my boxer down…and gave my didi a light kissed…I said to myself…’Walawee! This ML is so naughty!’…From a feminine sweet looking girl…she turned into a naughty & kinky pretty lady!...and I liked it…I retaliated by kissing her all over her neck and returned the favour by taking her dress off one by one until she too completely naked…Then I began to sucked on her ‘small but the right size for me’ boobs and nipples where she moaned a little…
    Then before we proceed to the shower room, she went to peek if the shower room is vacant but was still occupied so she returned and we continued kissing and hugging each other…She was so playful and naughty…sucking and bitting my nips and I attacked her boobs and we were like laughing and tickling each other with laughter…We were sort of ‘Bergurau’ with each other which I loved it so much..She proved to me that ‘language barrier’ is not a problem at all when you have good chemistry… Then the shower room was available and we headed for the SOP cleaning up…Even in the shower room, we were still ‘bergurau’ and towards the end of the shower she kneeled down and gave me a quick BBBJ which was really arousing..

    Then we proceeded to the cubicle for some actions…As I laid down face down, she began her relax & soothing massage…Her massage was good with joint pressing here and there…Then she continued with the Fire & Ice where she poured some hot water on my back and began her excellent suctions….Here is the highlight…This girl is a damned good Fire & Ice performer! Her ‘vacuum-like’ suctions from bottom to top was absolutely amazing! I never met someone that is so excellent like her…Usually it will always be a ‘quick & one-spot’ vacuum like suctions…but hers…..she did it perfectly!..First time I really enjoyed this vacuum like suctions….before this I never really enjoy it but she proved me wrong….I’m sure bro nimitz85 would agree with me on this!...Then she applied some oil all over my back and began her B2B or shall I say, breast massage..With her small and soft boobs, her breast massage was sensual & relaxing..I don’t really fancy a BNN cos sometimes BNN girls when they do the B2B or breast massaging, I don’t quite enjoy it…I always prefer normal or just about right size boobs…Once she finished with the breast massage, she just laid on my back and was like teasing me by sliding her body up and down my back accompanied with a couple kisses on my neck…She really knew how to turn me on…

    Her high GFE really brought the session to a whole new level….A good & excellent session with a good ML will usually left me with excellent SEX-tifying sexual experiences but with her, it is more like ‘Fun & romantic’ sexual experience plus naughty & playful moments. She really knew when to be naughty & playsul and when not too…If too much naughty & playful will not be a good thing…but she cleverly made me feel the sensual and when I was drown by it, suddenly she would switched to a naughty & playful mode…This made the session more fun & of course sensual…She really knew when to strike and when to back-out!..I found this exciting and also SEX-citing!.Then after I flipped over she started her sensual CB from top….slowly licking all over my body then continued licking around the groin and finally around my balls area which really stimulates me and my didi began to react…She then sucked my balls a couple of times and began to licked my didi hard….And when my didi finally got hard, she started to BBBJ me with a momentum that only she knows how to control…She would go slow-fast-slow-fast which really stimulates me until I craved for actions…Her BBBJ with deepthroat was really stimulating and I couldn’t just laid down and do nothing…I just had to signaled to her to move her hips towards me…Meaning moving her bump to my face while continuing BBBJ me..

    Now her a bit hairy with no smell pussy was completely exposed to me for some good licking…This girl is very sensitive when come to her pussy..What I meant by sensitive is she really can’t stand it when her pussy is licked…Her no smell & clean pussy would just got wet so easily eventhough I only licked 2 to 3 times!....One quick lick…she moaned loud!...But she enjoyed it!....Realizing this, I continued licking & gently sucking her clit until she moaned her lungs out and I’m sure everyone could hear her voice…Her loud moans did not bother me at all as I continued licking & sucking her already ‘flooded with love juice’ pussy until I got her cum all over me…But that actually really sexy!....

    After I really spent my time on her pussy, I could sensed that she really wanted some actions as much as I do…So I laid down and told her to capped me which she did…then she climbed on top of me for CG position…The she slowly inserted my already ‘Hard as Steel’ didi into her ‘Soaking Wet’ pussy that craving for some cock…She slowly pushed down and my didi slowly entered her warmed wet pussy and when I finally inside of her, she let out that ‘Argh..So nice!’ moan…From then on, she was humping up and down slowly at first but then got faster as we both started enjoying it like a Bullet Train speeding down that railway track!...Her pussy felt so freakin’ nice….her moans got louder by the minutes…She’s a horny girl and I could tell by her moan…It was real moan!....By this time she was flooding like hell….Her love-juice started dripping down my balls and my thigh…I’m sure the towel that she placed underneath us is soaked with her juice…All the while we were humping…we had our lips stucked onto each other…Deeply French kissing with tongue fighting and saliva exchanging action…

    Then I just don’t wanna wait no more…The train is about to arrived and the station is ready!....So I got up and told her to lay down cos I wanna do her missionary position…She just obeyed…Her sexy face really looked like she was in pleasure..She showed me that she wanted more and she wanted it now…Then I started throttle in and out missionary…Her moans got louder by the humps that I made…Then she asked for harder….So I throttled harder like a Boeing speeding down the runaway for take off…By this time she was screaming loud….This time I was a little bit scared that people outside in the lounge might hear her screams..So I pumped faster so I could end it as soon as possible….Then finally the rocket has launched itself…I Shot out whole lot of cum and she was panting for an air…I immediately raised both my arms up..like when the police tells your to ‘hands up’…..I raised my hands and told her I surrender!...I Surrender!......She who was puzzled at first…burst into a laughter….From panting for an air now she was laughing her ass of at me….We both were laughing loud together…People around must have wondered why are this two suddenly was laughing?.....We hugged each other and DFKed for a bit before went to cleaned ourselves up…While we were in the cubicle getting dress, she suddenly asked for my mobile phone…So not knowing why…I gave her my hp…Then she opened my wechat and started to key-in her wechat ID and then stored her mobile number into my contact list….It is understood that she maybe want me to wechat or call her sometimes but how am I going to talk to her…She only speaks mandarin and I don’t know mandarin?...This is when ‘Translator Apps’ come to use…I exited with a look on my face like I just got back from a war…Kelvin & King was surprised to see my condition and they burst into laughter!...I told them I just been into a Tsunami and I surrender!....Bro nimitz85 was already there waiting for his turn…He too asked me what the hell happened to me!...I told him what happened and now I was the evidence of the aftermath…He didn’t believed what I told him…So I just told him to experienced it for himself and he’ll know what I meant….As J616 walked out from the ‘Action Lounge’ she was still laughing at me…And when she was going to escort bro Nimitz into the battle field, she laughed, gave me a flying kissed & signaled to me if I wanna join her…again I raised my hands surrendering….Man! what a session that was!...An experienced with this pretty PRC will never fade away from my mind ever…

    After nimitz went in...bro raven99 came...Chit-chat with him while waiting for nimitz and when he finally came out we went for supper and continued to chit-chat before went to MP hoping for a bit then back to Micasa but unfortunately 616 was due to leave the premises...Don't worry bro raven99, there's always a next round. She'll be back here in Micasa...You'll see!....

    Date: 8/5/2014
    Time: 7.45pm
    Name: Pan Pan (that's what she told me..I don't know which one is right)
    No: 616
    Origin : PRC
    Age : According to bro AV, around 22-23YO
    Face: 9/10 - Pretty & looked matured a bit..This actually made her looked pretty
    Body : 8/10 - Slim & solid body feature
    Boobs : 8/10 - Small to most people..But hers is the size I always prefers
    Pussy: 9/10 - A bit bushy but clean, no smell, taste good & easily wet when touched
    Massage : 8/10 - Good Massage
    B2B/Fire&Ice: 10/10 - The Vacuum like suctions during the Fire & Ice was the best I've experienced!...She is the expert in this...
    HJ: 8/10 - Naugthy hands always like to tickled me
    BBBJ : 9/10 - Marvelous BBBJ with deepthroat..Effort was put with 100% willingness!
    CB: 8/10 - She loved to explore my body
    DATY: 10/10 - I licked & sucked her pussy & clit kow-kow!...She was enjoying it so much that she didn't realized she moaned so loud...
    DFK: 9/10 - Yes for me..Very deeply
    AR: 8/10 - For awhile only as I'm ticklish
    FJ: 10/10 - This girl is horny and evidenced by how easily her pussy got wet & she flooded the mattress with her cum...Her loud moans also proved that she's horny...All this made bonking her was nothing but a pleasure you can ask for!
    Damage : RM145 ( Special Regular Customer Price Scheme)
    WIR : Oh Hell Yeah!!!
    Overall: 10/10 - The ratings speaks for itself...

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    I just remembered today that I have one overdued FR on this port that I was totally forgotten about as I was too busy with work and becos of my crazy 'Bonking Fiesta' where I went bonking almost everyday for the whole one week...I had no idea why suddenly I went bonking crazy and was a fractions left to transform myself to be like Ron Jeremy!.Hahaha...And this particular FR was totally overlooked by me...Actually this session was the best ever CIM session i've had so far..The services I had received was really overwhelming and the ML was also excellent. I guessed that this ML is the best CIM package provider in the market at the moment...It happened one afternoon around last 1 and half week ago when I visited Micasa to check what's been going on after I haven't been top the MP for quite awhile during the 2 weeks of regular visits to Sky River and was also busy with work...I went to Micasa around 2.20pm and bro Terrence was at the counter replacing their usual OKT Kelvin because he was away with his GF now who happened to be an ML at Micasa & Miyako too.

    After a few laughs & chit chats with Terrence, I popped out the magic question to him...'Who si working today & Who would you recommend me to try?'....Since Tererence really know my taste & knew exactly who I have tried and who should I try, I asked him for a recommendation...When he went through Micasa's 'Today's Working Girls'...Out of around 10 MLs, he eliminated 5 MLs either I already tried her of not recommended me to try...

    So I was only left with 5 MLs on the list...No. 66, no. 93, no.12 (reluctant to service me - only me and Terrence know why) and one ML that Terrence don't recommend me to try cos her service wasn't up to standard & need more training Then he asked me if I have tried no.69?...Voila!...this particular no was recommended by OKT Kelvin to try before but till now I haven't try her...I don't remember how she look like so I asked Terrence if I could see the ML first and so he brought he out..And sure enough, after seeing her..I never try her before and Terrence told me 'Dia...You mesti Mau Cuba!'...Terrence exact words to me....but was also told that she only do CIM package. After a quick smoke, I told Terrence I was ready to go in..so he called this ML, no. 69 named Xiao Ziao or something...I'm not sure..A quite pretty & matured looking PRC with nice body who happily escorted me to the cubicle..Once inside the cubicle, I was surprised that this PRC was actually speaks quite good english and understood all my questions in english...That was good news to me cos i can chit chat with her during the session and she was friendly some more..I the type who loves to chit chat with the ML I am with and make friend with them rather than enter the cubicle and experienced the 'You-shut-the-fuck-up-Don't-talk-to-me-I-don't-know-how-to-speak-your-language-and-you-just-Lie-down-and-let-me-service-you' type of session...This more like in a Library session I will never enjoy and avoided if possible...Even a basic simple english would be good for me...

    It was a good ice-braking I shall say cos she initiated it by asking me whether I work or not on that day...Her english pronounciations was actually quite good..As we stripped I asked her name, age & her origins which she replied well..After I we both have stripped completely, I as usual was going to exit the cubicle but was told by her that she was going to massage me first...Her SOP was quite different as she will do the massage then only the shower after that the B2B & 'The Match of The Day' for the Grand Finale...Very rare SOP...Her massage was something to complement about..It was a really excellent massage...Very soothing and her hands was strong...Her B2B was another of her PLUS point...Adequate Oil was used and her B2B massage using her quite big & solid boobs was good and she took her time well...Then she climbed on my back and began massaging my back using her bump which was kinda nice....Also she did the 'Shiatzu Massage' where she would stand on my back and massaged using both her feet..Of course she would ask for permission before she set her foot on me...She would ask if it is alrite for her to stand on your back..Very proper, professional & polite...By the time she finished the massages, your body will be fresh and ready for action...

    Then came the slowly & sensual services where she started with Fire & Ice with the vacumm-like-suctions from top to bottom...All this was done very well...She really displayed her expertised & professionalism in her services for those who loves this type of services would definitely find her to be excellent...Then she lifted my waist up which I knew what she was going to do next...She lifted up my ass so that i was on my knees..More like in a doggy position where she will wiped my ass&%$# with a wet wipes before began to licked my groin & area around my ass...Then the 'highlight of the day' began to emerged where she would gently & slowly began to lick my anal and buried her tongue deep into it...Eventhough it was kinda ticklish, the way & techniques she did it made it very sensual...Some MLs who provide this type of service, would either made me very ticklished or resulted in me being not comfortable...But she made me actually enjoyed it!...She was reallty good at what she does!....After the Ass Rimming, she then began to licked and sucked my balls but not the didi..Then suddenly she slipped herself underneath in between my legs and began licking my didi & sucking it with excellent deepthroats...I really loved her BBBJ & Deepthroats...The way she did was really sensual and got my didi hard as steel....She then changed her position where she got up & sat facing my balls and didi then began licking & sucking it...After she returned to ass rimmed me again...Then she told me to get up and stand on the bed while she would switch to the front of me...While sitting, she began sucking my balls & BBBJ me with deepthroats...Again this was extremely sensual...I was about to cum a couple of times but managed to hold it as i really enjoyed her services and wanted to see what's next...Basically whatever she did & whatever the positions she did it, it was so sensual & turned me on so much...All the while she excellently kept my didi hard as steel without even becoming normal a bit at all...I salute her for this!...By this time I was so turned on and wanted to fuck her so much but I knew that she don't do FJ but she was extremely good at what she does....

    Then she told me to lie down facing up and she continued to CB me and moved down for the BBBJ & Deepthroats again...What actually made her services excellent was the pace that she was at, the geniously arranged 'what's next?', the excellent 'climax explosion' controllings and the intensity of all the steps that she performed...I have never met an expert service provider like her before in my life..I knew she had wide experienced & had been trained well before..You can say whether the masseuse is good just by her excellent techniques..Very rare encounter with this kinda PRC nowadays..let alone the popiah, BAKSO, TY & even a Pinoy...Complements was all I have for her...While she BBBJ & Deepthroat me, she allowed & positioned her ass to within your hand's reach but she doesn't allow any DATY or sort of...But she allowed a deep fingerings & clittoris playing maybe to help her get the mood & feelings...The faster & intensed I finggered her pussy, the harder & faster she BBBJ & DT me!...She will just swallowed my whole didi and BBBJ me hard until I finally exploded in her mouth and this time I CIM with a lot of CUM due to her services....I knew immediately that i Cum really a lot cos after just twice shots I released, she had to spit my sperm out in the dustbin before coming back and took the rest of my cum into her mouth again...I really appologized to her for releasing so much sperm into her mouth but she said it was fine happily...Wow!..It's been awhile since I last Cum so much...and I was extremely satisfied with the experienced...End of the session, all I could said to her was thank you very much and handed her a good tips as a token of appreciation...

    My say to all bros here, if you are looking for an excellent & very professional ML & to those who loves this kinda services, I strongly recommend you to give this ML a try...I guarantee you my money that you will definitely satisfied & will be leaving the port on cloude-9...Give her a try....

    Name: Xiao Ziao or something (no.69)
    Origin: Shenzen
    Age : late 20 i think
    Face: 8/10 - Quite pretty matured looking PRC
    Body: 8/10 - Nice body & not chubby
    Boob: 8/10 - Big & solid boobs
    Skin: smoothy silky skin
    Ass: 7/10 - Just nice for her body
    Pussy: 8/10 - Bushy but really wet during finggering..I assumed must be tight as she doesn't do FJ
    DATY: Nope
    DFK: Nope
    Massage: 10/10 - Her other strong point. Very good powerful massage
    CB: 7.5/10
    BBBJ: 10/10 - The Expert, Professional & the Champion among the PRC I've tried..
    CIM: 10/10 - Supreme Excellent with Great amount of cum offloaded
    FJ: Nope. She don't do this
    GFE: 7/10 - Friendly & Soft spoken
    Language: Very good English by a PRC
    Rush: Not at all
    WIR: yes
    Damage: RM135 (special regular member price)
    Overall: 10/10 - The score tells a thousand words

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    Saw in the Micasa's wechat that Bobo, the massage queen has returned and called them up and was told that she's only available at 9.30pm...So i made a booking for her at the said time...I really miss the excellent massage from this pretty popiah, her B2B and her CIM as well...So around 9.00pm i was already at the port and was greeted by the OKT but Terrence was no where to be found....He told me Terrence had gone back to Sabah as his daughter had some accident...(Hope she will get well soon)....Then the OKT asked me 'Was I the one who made a booking for 9.30Pm?'....I told him yes and he told me to wait a little...

    So while i was playing with my mobile and listening to the OKT and customers conversations, suddenly Bobo emerged from behind the blind and when she saw me, she was really happy and asked me how i was...She then took me by the hand and we both proceeded to the cubicle....She was holding me tight and we chat a little while making our way to the cubicle..She told me she was back for exactly 2 months and that she enjoyed being in HCMC....So we proceeded for the SOP shower and backed again into the cubicle and she started her lagendary massage...How i miss her massage...It was a damned good massage and in fact she has picked up few new skills. Now her massage is better than ever!...A couple of new techniques really soothed my body...After only actions and without any tuning...she really made my whole body feels new...Then came her infamous B2B....The B2B was as good as her massage and it really was sensual....After awhile, then it was time for the eagerly awaited BBBJ...Damned! She really does it better than any other MLs...They way she did it...you can never find else where (correction...I never find else where)....Changing in between for CB than back to BBBJ...really got my didi hard as steel rod...

    Then she stopped all of a sudden and laid beside me....I thought maybe she was tired and decided to take a quick rest...So i ask no question...Then suddenly she was saying something in vietnam i guessed...something that i didn't understand...Then she was trying to rephrase it and out of the blue...she was asking something that i never expected from her...ever....the question that gave me the surprised and i thought i heard her wrongly...She asked me..'You want Make Love?'...I looked straight into her eyes and asked her...'erm...what?'....she asked me again...'You want make love?'....I paused awhile and then i stuttered answering her question....'Ye....Yes!'......She was happy to hear my answer and quickly grabbed the CD...I wanted to ask her since when...but arghhh...the question can come later....there are more important stuff i need to deal with....Then she gave me a quick BBBJ and capped me and began to ride me CG....Holy Fuck!....She was freaking tight!...I really felt her pussy muscle gripping my didi and was grasping for more....She bounced up and down and the pace got faster every seconds....Then i asked to be on top and she obliged...I began to banged her for awhile but because her pussy was so tight i finally cum and it was a lot....i mean a lot....

    Then we laid beside each other where she began to tell me the reason why she finally doing FJ.....After listening to her story i understand...So if you guys wanna know....You just have to take her and listen to her story...She still do CIM for those prefers CIM....But she now do full package as well....I wanted to FJ her since i first tried her massage. But today, i didn't expect i from her..Actually I did planned to FJ...just wanted her excellent massage....So we talked so more before went for wash up and exited into the common area....Paid the OKT and gave Bobo a handsome tip for what she gave me tonite and then i hanged around awhile and had a chat with the OKT...Left the port in cloude-9....

    Name : Bobo, the Massage & B2B Queen
    Origin: Popiah
    Age: 21
    Face : 8/10 - she looked even better now. She groomed herself
    Boobs: 8/10 - Perfect. This makes her B2B the best
    Skin: smooth
    Body : 8/10 - Slim & petite
    Pussy: 10/10 - Fucking Tight!
    Massage: 9/10 - She's the SIFU!
    Catbath: Yes
    B2B: 10/10 - She a Lagend!
    BBBJ: 10/10 - Always the best!
    HJ: Yes
    DFK: 9/10 - Passionate DFK when she was on top
    DATY: Didn't get to this part...was offered FJ
    AR: A quick one as i was racing for FJ
    FJ : 10/10 - The tightest pussy ever!...Defeated in just 2 positions and cum a lot
    CIM: Skipped...was offered FJ
    Moan: yes
    GFE : 9/10 - we have good chemistry
    Rush: No
    Damage: RM130
    WIR: Hell Yeah!!!

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    While most of Micasa good stocks was sent to their spa, sky river....I made a visit to Micasa yesterday evening to check out the scene over there....Once i arrived, OKT Kelvin immediately told me that Yoyo (no. 7) and Ah Zhu (no. 8) - the naughty duo are there....I knew this two for quite awhile from last time at Mizuku, the Taman Tun port. They both are known to be really playful & naughty to each other especially when both were working at the same time...And after yesterday, they never changed at all...

    Yoyo, was delighted as i asked for her..It was like a reunion as it was quite sometime since we last saw each other...So there was a lot to catch up as we entered the cubicle...Little that we know Ah Zhu was also been picked by another bro and was making their way into the 'battle arena'...After we both stripped to our skin, we didn't head for the toilet but laid down on the bed while chit-chatting about the old days...Yoyo started to play with my didi while talking and she got me hard as i was aroused by her HJ.....Then suddenly out of the blue, Ah Zhu just walked into the cubicle to surprised us...We both jumped out of the bed as we were surprised by her and were laughing our ass off...My didi immediately died down because of this and Yoyo was laughing. That was naughty of Ah Zhu.. Then we decided to head for the shower..Unfortunately there were another couple was in the toilet and Ah Zhu & a bro was waiting outside the toilet for their turns to go in. And hell broke loose and the two was at it again...With Ah Zhu was trying to pull my towel down and tried to grabbed my didi, Yoyo pushed the other bro to one side and was trying her best to pull his towel down as well...

    We were like 4 small kids playing around at the time when finally the couple exited the toilet and Ah Zhu & the bro entered the toilet...Without closing the door behind them, they started to switch the shower on with me shouting at Ah Zhu to closed the door...After 3 attempts to close it, she finally shut the door....As they began to shower, Yoyo suddenly opened the door revealing both Ah Zhu & the bro completely naked! Luckily I didn't see anything that I wasn't supposed to see...Just saw both naked only....Yoyo & Ah Zhu was so naughty and they would just keeps on disturbing each other whenever they could..But i did enjoy their company...

    After that me & Yoyo just sat on the chairs and waited for Ah Zhu & the bro to finished the shower. Then when they finally came out, we entered but not before Yoyo whispered one word in Vietnamese and told me to say it out loud at Ah Zhu..I didn't remember the word but later was told by Yoyo that i meant 'Chicken Feet'. Saying 'Chicken Feet' out loud at Ah Zhu actually has triggered the 'moment of the century' where the moment Ah Zhu heard it, she just came charging towards me like a raging bull and pinned me against the wall....Then she just grabbed my didi hard and then DFK me so wild until she bit my tongue. Me, in shocked couldn't do anything at all as I was pinned down. Yoyo in the background was laughing like hell. After she finally let go of me and after we finished our shower and went back into the cubicle, I asked Yoyo what was the word means until it got Ah Zhu so angry? Then she told me that it was chicken feet. Only Yoyo called Ah Zhu chicken feet and she got that nick because something happened between them that earned Ah Zhu that nick..Damned!...Ah Zhu almost rape me back there!

    After i laid down on the bed, Yoyo was massaging me for a bit. Her massage was Ok and i knew she wasn't serious in massaging me and was more interested to get straight to the services & actions..I knew her before...Her massage used to be good but yesterday i could sensed that just wanna get the massage over with and start the actions immediately!...I guessed she was horny and so was I....So, i quickly cut to the chase, and flipped myself over and she immediately started with what i can say...'One of the best BBBJ ever that I ever received!'...She's a Master in BBBJ.....She really deepthroat me, swallowed my whole didi and was soaked with galons of her saliva. Plus the 'slurpping' sounds and ball sucking, I really couldn't stand it. I signalled to her to go straight into action but Yoyo being her naughty-self, instead began teasing me till i begged to fuck her. She climbed on top of me....placing her wet pussy right on my didi. Teasing me by brushing her wet clitoris against my didi and when she saw i was enjoying it, she paused and pulled her pussy away. On top of that, she DFK-ed so wildly. She continued doing this maneuvre a couple of times untill i was really begging her to allow me to fuck her!...The more i begged for it...the more she teased me...Oh man! imagine the feeling of wanting to fuck so much!...It was the most unbareble moments for me....

    Finally she gave in to my dire pleadings....She too was extremely horny....capped me up and began the ride of her life...and so was mine....She CG-ed me for awhile....Hard and fast...Pausing in between for romantic DFK then continued...Then i signalled to her to switch for doggy....She obliged and positioned herself...Exposing her sexy ass towards me...Giving me a direct & deeper penetration.....She has a gorgeous tattoo on her back below her waist....I found it sexy and i began to ride her good....She moaned loud....my rythm got faster each seconds....I was throttling with pleasure...She put her pace on the mattress....bitting the mattress cover to toned down her moanings....both her hands was grabbing the mattress cover hard....The whole bed was in a mess....Like it's just been hit by a tsunami....

    Then we changed to our final position...Missionery....Excellente!....We both was in pleasure...DFK-ing & looking at each others face really did the trick...I finally shot my load out....and we both collapsed trying to catch our breath back...Just when we were about to get up, the naughty Ah Zhu barged in again and laughed....Then she went off with a laughter...Overall....i really had a good session with YoYo....It was really good to see them both again...Yoyo & Ah Zhu....The naughty & playful duo....

    Name : Yoyo (no. 7)
    Origin: Popiah
    Age: 23
    Face : 8/10 - Cute & Naughty looks
    Boobs: 8/10 - 33B...I don't know..Not sure
    Skin: Smooth
    Body : 8/10 - Big Built-up..But Petite Figure makes her look sexy
    Pussy: 8/10 - Bit of hair but her pussy felt nice
    Massage: 7/10 - Massage was OK
    Catbath: Yes
    B2B: nil
    BBBJ: 10/10 - Walawe! She really sucked good!..With deepthroat...she worked my didi out
    HJ: Yes
    DFK: 9/10 - Passionate DFK..She loved to French
    DATY: Didn't
    AR: All over
    FJ : 9/10 - One of the best banging session. She offered second round but i was out of breath
    CIM: Didn't ask
    Moan: yes
    GFE : 9/10 - We have good chemistry
    Rush: No
    Damage: RM130
    WIR: Hell Yeah!!! For her BFF, Ah Zhu...

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    Two ago i went to Micasa in the afternoon to check-out the what's been going on there..Normal stuffs...as usual a number customer were around waiting for their turn to enter the game rooms..As usual OKT Kelvin was happy to see me and little that i know, Terrence was there as well until he emerged from the game room...I asked him why he looked so tired and he told me since working at SR, he only sleeps for 1 -2 hours...Then he left for the usual duty...'Laundry'....So i sat in one corner keeping quite and just watched customers came & went in non-stop..Just like a busy airport...Planes taking-off & landing every 5 minutes....I continued waiting quietly...until the scene got mellowed....Until only left 2 customers waiting and i made my move...I asked Kelvin who's one the day's menu...He then recommended me to take no. 69 but i told him i already did....Then he went and checked his 'big book' and recommended me to try no.93...Now you're talking!...I haven't try her yet...I was told that she takes her time doing B2B....and i became interested. He called out no.93 and she brought a hot chinese tea for me...She smiled at me and i told Kelvin, alrite!...I'll take her and we went in with her holding my hand.

    I was skeptical with B2B before this..Seldom get a good B2B nowadays. Only very few i experienced Excellent B2B...Beside no.61 (Yan Xi) and Bobo (no.21)...no one else has ever given me excellent B2B and i became more skeptical until i tried no.93...She restored back my beliefs in B2B...I had one of the best B2B apart from those 2 i mentioned just now...No. 93's B2B was what i considered to be top of the range....She really gave me a damned good B2B...Excellent one to be frank...No. 93 has a great body slim & petite....Quite good looking but with big nipple...Very rare i encountered big nipples ML...and she's one of them...Didn't quite like it but she used it as her 'weapon' for her excellent B2B..You'll know later why....

    Started with the SOP shower session where i got a good clean-ups....Another good thing about her is she speaks a lil' english...Easy communications and i complemented her on that...Then back into the cubicle where the services starts...She has a strong pair of hands...This helped her gave me a good round of massage....She has a good massage skills...She knew the right joints and she massaged the right way and that really soothed my aching body....After the massage she gave me the Fire & Ice on my back from top to bottom...It was nice and i enjoyed it. Then when i was still laying face down, she suddenly pulled my waist up so that i was on my knees...More like in a doggysytle position.Then she started to 'ass-rimming' me..licking my asshole and jabbed her tongue a couple of times...I enjoyed it but was ticklish as well....Then she spread both my legs wider apart and suddenly she slipped underneath me, laying face up. This time she put her face right in between my legs and facing my still 'asleep' didi...She then began to quickly kissed & licked my didi a couple of times, teasing it. She was actually teasing my didi to wake up and it quickly did....My didi became instantaneously aroused and got hard. Once my didi got harder, she began to BBBJ me while she was still underneath me..She was an excellent cock sucker!....Her BBBJ was superb...With her hand massaging my balls, she really BBBJ me and accompanied with a couple of deepthroats which aroused me more...Then with both her hands, she began to pulled my ass downed towards her slowly as if i was 'mouth-fucking' her....I really enjoyed these actions....She pulled my ass downed and held it down for a couple of seconds...She deepthroat me and gagged a couple of times until she choked....But she seemed to enjoyed it and kept doing it a couple of times more...I was really enjoying it. She was really excellent in this action...She continued to blow, deepthroat and gagged until i was going to cum but she knew i was going to and stopped....She's an expert!...She somewhat could tell when i was going to cum, so she suspended the service quickly...Then she got up and asked me how was it....I could only gave her a thumbs up sign...I merely said a word as what she just did was undenieably superb!....I was still in shocking state after she had stopped....Then she told me to lay face-down again for the B2B session...She signaled to me that she was going to use some baby oil and i gave her the green light.

    She poured some oil on my back and some on hers as well....After that she laid on me and began the B2B actions....This is where her big nipples came to her advantage....She used her nipps and then her pussy to slowly rubbed all over my back from top till bottom in a circular movements...It was really arousing and i just kept quiet and enjoying it....Then she got up and began to sit on my back....This time she used her ass to slowly rubbing all over my back again....Her ass felt nice...She rubbed my back with her ass from top till bottom..Until she got down to my thigh area...She sat on my right thigh first...Then she slowly rubbed her pussy on my thigh and against my right calf....Then she changed to my left thigh & left calf....Then she stopped and told me to flipped over. So i flipped over and laid on my back...Then she applied a bit of oil on chest and abdomen and gave me a 'front B2B'....This time it was more arousing because this time she was rubbing her pussy against my already 'back-sleep' didi....Her increasing wet pussy rubbings was so arousing that i awoken my didi and it got hard again..It was extremely sensual where she kept on rubbing her pussy against my didi until it got really closed to entering her lovehole. She was teasing my didi until it got really hard and screamed to be allowed to enter her...Then she stopped again and began to wiped all the oil off my body and when she done, she started to licked & sucked my nips while her hand grabbed and held my 'so-hard' didi....

    She CB me all over until she reached down on my didi....Gave it a little kiss than began to BBBJ me again...Again with couple of Deepthroats and ball sucking, my didi became super hard...I couldn't stand it anymore and was begging for a fuck...She smiled at me and continued BBBJ...Her deepthroats & gags was so unbearable......I again begged for a fuck and this time she obliged.....as she could tell i'm nearing to cum...She then capped me and started CG me.....Her pussy was quite tight and felt so good....Then i got up, hugged her and carried her and laid her down for missionary position with my didi still in her. Then i lifted her left leg and place on my shoulder...Then i began to banged her with one leg on my shoulder....This allowed me to enter her more deeper....I began to penetrates her tight pussy deeper and so arousing.....In just few throttles i finally shot my load out....Even after I cum, her pussy was still squeezing my didi and it felt good...As she took the CD off my didi to clean it up, she was surprised to see that a lot of cum was in the CD...With smile she asked me how come?.....I told her services really aroused me and fucking her was so nice and that's why i cum a lot...After cleaned up, we went for shower and made my way out into the waiting area where Kelvin asked me how was her B2B?.....All i could say was...Damned Good!

    Date : 30/03/2014
    Time : Afternoon
    ML : No.93..I forgot her name as it was hard to pronounce it...or maybe something like Xiao Yuer..
    Origin : PRC from Yunan
    Face : 7/10 - Quite pretty & cute
    Body : 8/10 - Slim & Petite
    Boobs : 7/10 - Small but big nipples
    Pussy : 9/10 - tight and trim
    Ass: 8/10 - Curvaceous
    massage : 8/10 - Strong pair of hands & Excellent massage techniques..Really soothed my body
    Reversed BBBJ: 10/10 - with her underneath me, her deepthroats & gaggings was so out of this world
    B2B : 10/10 - Superb B2B performance!
    Cathbath : 10/10 Everywhere. with tounge flicking action on nipples
    BBBJ : 10/10 - Again she proved her area of expertise and her excellencee in DT & Gaggings
    DFK : 7/10 - quick perks on the lips
    FJ : 10/10 - So damned nice due to her tight pussy & already very aroused didi
    GFE : 8/10 - good as she was really concerntrating with her services
    Rush : nope..Took her time to serviced me
    WIR : of course
    Overall: 9/10 - One of the best B2B I ever had & Very Arousing
    Damage : RM 130 (special regular member price)

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    The Legendary Queen of Squirt...JOEY

    OMG!!!....Where do i begin & hOW dO i BEGIN???!!!!......Oh MY!....i'VE JUST Got Served!!! and it served me alrite!!.....WOW!....I'm still in the shocked PLUS Satisfied to the bone state as i'm writing this FR....Phewww!!!

    After hearing & reading about this 'Lagendary Squirt Queen'..I finally had the opportunity to try this 'Star in these industry' today...but not after i waited 1 and half hour for her...but it was well worth a wait...It's true what people say...Good thing don't come easily....Then finally she finishes her previous customer and then she was ready to attend me..She gave me a big smiled and then escorted me to the VIP room right at the end....When we got into the room...somebody was in the toilet...I thought it was some confusion but came out no. 31 with her customer...They just using the toilet...So when everything was cleared..we begin to undress ourself and headed for the toilet for the normal clean up SOP...
    At the first glance...she has quite a nice body...slim & quite petite for a 30plus....Her boobs was big maybe around 34B i think...looked quite firm so i touched her boobs and just as i thought...it was a fake one...She smiled when i touched her boobs...She has a nice ass and trimmed pussy hair...After a thorough clean-up...we got out of the toilet and i began settling myself & getting comfy by laying on the massage bed...

    Then she climbed on top of me and began the massage....Her massage was OK with good hand techniques and massaging at the right places...Then she proceed with the B2B which now i could feel her big firm boobs rubbing against my back....
    she boob-massage me for awhile moving from top to bottom up to a point where i could feel her nipples brushing my asshole...It was quite arousing...Then she instructed me to flip-over...Then the game began...She started with licking and sucking my nipps switching back and forth from left to right....Then she was licking all over my body with her hand started to caressed my didi gently....Slowly stroking my didi and my balls until my didi finally stood up high....With her gentle yet arousing HJ...I was hard as steel in a matter of seconds...All the while i was just laid back and enjoyed the service...Little less that i know i was in fact in for a big surprised...Even with her reputation as a Squirt Queen...I didn't know what to expect and i wasn't expecting things will be beyond my imagination...Then she proceeded to the BBBJ with warm water....I must say....It's true what people said...she love giving blowjob....Her BBBJ was excellent and with my didi has already became hard as steel...She BBBJ me even more until my didi became superhard and started screaming for an action....Then she turned the heat on by attacking my balls and was sucking it likw nobody business...Then she got up and laid beside me. But before that she placed a towel on the mattress underneath her bump....She continued stroking my already herdened didi while i was attacking and sucking her boobies....She began to moan at this point....

    Then i took another step further by stroking her clit....She loved it and her pussy got wet in a flash....Then i moved on further this time I began to fingered her...stroking my naughty finger in and out of her wet pussy...Her moan got louder and my finger moved in and out deeper into her love-canal in an accending pace....at this point she was like screaming until....POW!!! She squirted!!!! propelling her love juice about 4 feet and lots of it....I was stunned by this! This is the first time ever in my life...i'm actually watching a girl squirted right in front of my disbelief eyes...Just like in the Japan AV but this time it was live!...They amount of juice she shoot out was horrendous!...She came & squirted twice!....I couldn't believed what i was experiencing but my finger still stroking her pussy....Until she couldn't stand it no more and demanded me to bang her...She quickly capped me and rode me cowgirl.....I could feel her wet love hole as my didi slowly entered her pussy...Her moans got even louder....She waited for no time at all and CG-ed me hard...Banging her ass and pussy against my didi hard & fast!...Then it happened again.....She suddenly stopped..pulled my didi out and squirted wildly showering me with her juice!....It was a downpours!!!! She squirted like hell and soaked me with her love-juice...JUst imagine how wet the mattress was at this time....Then she inserted my didi again but this time she didn't move at all.....She was doing her specials this time....the infamous 'KEMUT!!!' I thought it was just a taboo but it was REAL!!! And I mean REAL!!! With my didi inside of her...i could feel her inner pussy muscle strongly squeezing against my rod...It was unbelieveable.....It's the first time I was gasping for more!! She KEMUT even harder clenching my didi tight!....I just wasn't expecting it at all......

    Then she began to CG me again...a lot more harder and faster time time......With her screaming moan then she squirted again!...spraying her juice all over me again....I could feel the mattress underneath us has drenched with her juice..It was like underground water pipe bursted and was like waterjet!....She stared straight into mky eyes...It was the stare & look that i will never forget....From the look on her face...she was like super satisfied and she was gasping for an air...Little that i know...This has got her wanting even more....She made known to me that she wants to squirt more and signalling to me...'Boy! You Just Have No Idea What You Have Got Yourself Into!'....At this time I too wasn't able to hold myself any longer!.....As she started to 'KEMUT' again and began to CG me...I just had to shoot my load out!...Propelling everything i got and what's left from me today...I too could feel that i have shot a hell lot of cum into the CD....She realised it...and got up to find that i already came.....She screamed in disbelief....Asking why i had cum so fast....I told her it's because of you i cum faster...But she still not finished yet!....Even after she squirted 3 times she still hasn't done yet???...Man, this girl is ANIMAL!!....She demanded for 2nd round.....I rest my hand surrendering..but she accept my white flag...She started to HJ me and then BBBJ me again.....And with her magic hand & mouth...she got my didi hard again!..I just couldn't believed it...This has never happened to me...Usually it takes some time before my didi gets harder again and ready for some actions...But i have no slightest idea how...She got it hard again instantly and ready for 'Round 2! Fight!'.....

    It was like rewinding the earlier scene again....After KEMUT a couple of times and squirted another 2-3 times (I lost count actually).....I shot my load for the second time....And i was exhausted...I lost all my breath...I'm not sure how many calories i've burned til there's nothing left to burn!....I was relieved PLUS satisfied when finally she had enough....She was exhausted too...If ever she told me she's still haven't had enough...I'm just gonna dashed out of the room and head for the emergency exit!.....I have never had sex like this before....never this wild...and never this crazy before and never with a girl as crazy as this before.....We both colapsed beside each other cathing back our lost of oxygen....We laid there for awhile then headed for the shower...got dress and went separate ways....I left the place still in a hangover state and just couldn't believed what had just happened....But i know one thing for sure...'Mom...Your Son HAs Just Been Squirted!!!!!!!'.....I will be back again but damned sure not for her for long time.....Next chapter my target is Xiao Yuet...The pretty no. 65!...But it'll take some time before i wanna have sex again...NOT!!!!!

    Name: Joey
    ML ID No: 90
    Origin: PRC
    Age: 30-ish
    Face: 7/10 - Not that gorgeous but more to 'Horny MILF' looks
    Body: 7/10 - Curvaceous, Slim & Semi-Petite With Nice Ass
    Boobs : 7/10 - Nice & quite firm 34B Fake Boobs...I guess
    Skin: 8/10 - Smooth & Nice Fair Skin
    DFK: No time to do it
    Massage: 7/10 - Massage was OK with good techniques
    B2B: 7/10 - Good..Really felt her firm boobs pressing against my back
    BBBJ: 8/10 - Pleasureable BBBJ..She's really good in getting my didi up & hard
    HJ: 9/10 - She knows how to get you hard again after you cum....Her hand techniques was superb
    CB: 8/10 - She licked me all over...Felt ticklish when she licked around my waist
    Pussy: 10/10 - Quite Tight(really surprised me!) & Easily Wet
    DATY: 10/10 - She got soaking wet so fast with lloud moan and quickly got up when she was about to squirt..She scared that she'll
    spray all over my face!
    Fingering: 9/10 - She loves it..She spreaded her leg wider when she's starting to enjoying it...soaking wet
    FJ: 20/10 - WTF!!! The Greatest Fuck Ever! She Squirted all over me 3 to 4 times...It's true what the legend said...I was awarded with
    the second round of fuck cos she was still horny when I cum
    GFE: 10/10 Despite language barrier..she still treated me well & nice. We laughed & she was 'Manja' to me
    Overall: 20/10 - My First Ever & Only Experienced with a girl who Squirts Like Hell!!! Magnifico!!!!
    Damage: RM165 (Regular gets discount)
    WIR: Hell Yeah!!! For her again...of course! but after i try my next target..The pretty Xiao Yuet (no.65)

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    After i had been 'friendly tortured' by the lagendari Squirt Queen...i visited this port again for a relax time and just hanging out with Terrence..today there was a lot of activity with customers come and go continuously...Then suddenly a familiar face greeted me with smile and a hug..It was Xiao Mei, a popiah i've known from Miyako during Miyako's glorious days...She was very friendly to me and that prompted me to try her...but i was still 50-50....So she went in with a customer....So i just hanged around and had a chat with few customers....until i decided to have a go at her...So i told Terrence that i would like to try her when she's free...Then finally she finished with her customer and Terrence signalled to her..i'm her next customer....She was happy to serve me and welcomed me with opened hand...So we proceeded to the cubicle....Once in the cubicle...she asked me long time never see?...and i asked her where she had been....She told me she went back home for nearly 2 months....So that's explained her absent...So we proceeded to stripping naked and then proceeded to the toilet for a cleaned up...It was normal SOP with her cleaning me up thoroughly...I could see her pretty naked body...This girl somewhat has a gorgeous body with gorgeous pair of tits...I was quickly turned on....She noticed this when she was cleaning up my didi and gave me a cute smile...Then we headed back to the cubicle..

    As usual i positioned myself on the mattress and she began her massage...This girl's massage was good...She really know where to massage and her pressure point massage was in fact excellent...I like her massage technique and really enjoyed her massage.After she had done with the massage, she began with the oil B2B....This oil B2B by her was excellent and really turned me on...I Could feel her firm boobs pressed against my back and i could also feel her pussy hair rubbing against me...It was somewhat very arousing...I was beginning to feel horny at this time..Then she wiped all the oil off my back thoroughly and then she wiped with wet towel, my ass....She wiped my ass a couple of time....I didn't expect anything as most of the ML usually do this before proceeding to the next services.

    After she done with the wipes...she began to CB starting from my leg...then moving up to my bump before moving down back to my other leg...Then after she finished with my leg....she paused for awhile before suddenly she started to AR me....She began to lick my ass and licking it really good....I felt ticklish but nice as well....she really licked my asshle and sticking her tongue a couple of times into my asshole.....It felt really good....So she was licking my ass for awhile and after that she gargeled with plain water....Then she told me to flipped over where she began to CB me starting with my nips....Then move down to near my didi.....then move up to my other nips....At this time my didi already stood high.....Then she gave me a tits fuck and it was so nice....This has got me really hard as steel....Then she climbed up and we started to DFK....After a tensed tongue play...she crawled down and began attacking my didi...She BBBJ me and it felt so arousing...I must complement this girl...Her BBBJ was very arousing and she's very good at it...After BBBJ me she climbed up again and we DFK some more...She reaqlly know how to DFK....Very rare to experience a popiah who's good a DFK-ing....We really enjoyed DFK-ing each other...I was really aroused and so did she...Can tell by her moan...

    Then she laid beside me and it was time for me to return the favour....I began sucking and licking her nips and firm boobs....I really like her firm boobs..Just the right size for me and the firmness was to good to be true....Then i slowly moved down her waist licking her body all the way down....until i reached her pussy...Her pussy was well-trimmed and no smell at all.....Then i waited for no time attacking her clit..I started licking and sucking her pussy and clit real good....She just tasted nice.....She began to moan loud....I continued to DATY her where she really liked it by the look on her face....I was DATY her for quite sometime until i couldn't wait for the next move....I know she couldnt stand it no more...So it was time for the actions...She then guided my didi into her pussy and i began to fucked her missionary....Her pussy felt so tight and so warm...It felt really good to be inside of her....After a few minutes of pumping...We changed for CG and she was on top of me...She really CG me with nice moans and it felt really good....After a few penetrations...i felt that i was about to cum....So i asked her to changed to doggy...I would really want to finished her off in doggy cos her curvaceous ass really turned me on..So we positioned for doggy and after a couple of pumps i finally released my soldier from hell!....She too came as well...we came at the same time...Then i rested beside her where she took the CD off and began to licked and sucked my didi...cleaning up the remaining sperm on my didi....She she really licked and sucked it cleaned and swallowed it...I was like WOW!...This chick is extreme....After cleaning up, we just laid there and chat a little....She was hugging me and we were like a couple...I enjoyed it...After that we went for a quick shower got dress and headed out.....

    I was really satisfied with her service.....Slow pace and excellent service....It's been awhile since i had a damn good service by popiah...So i left the place with big smile...yet again!

    Name : Xiao Mei, No.23
    Origin: Popiah
    Age: 20ish
    Face : 8/10 - cute, innocent look
    Boobs: 8/10 - nice size & firm..nice nipple
    Skin: 8/10 -smooth and fair
    Body :8/10 - slim & petite
    Pussy: 9/10 - well-trimmed & no smell...Tasted good
    Massage:9/10 - i have to give a high mark cos her massage was excellent....I really enjoyed it
    Catbath: 8/10 - slowly and passionately....She took her time
    B2B: 9/10 - Excellent!
    BBBJ: 9/10 - she's an expert!
    HJ: 8/10 - nice strokes..but she didn't used her hands much...she used her mouth and tongue more
    DFK: 10/10 - passionately..with excellent tongue play...like a couple
    DATY: 10/10 - i loved DATY her
    AR: 10/10 - excellent rimmed job
    FJ : 10/10 - superb. Her tight pussy really made me enjoyed it so much
    CIM: -
    GFE : 9/10 - the best
    Rush: No
    Damage: RM148
    WIR: Of course for her again
    Overall: 10/10...the rating explains it all!

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