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    Sweet Hut 18 MP@USJ 21 Subang, Selangor

    It began yesterday evening when bro A1macafe & I met for a small TT at SS2. Main reason was I had purchased the A1 macafe from him....So after a good round of TCSS and glass of coke, we parted ways.....Equipped with the Box of A1 Macafe, I went to meet my friend at Kota Damansara and told him I have something that can even make Kim Kardashan difficult to forget him!...Hahahaha...An exagerration that made him think for awhile....Not about 'what the hell is he talking about??'....but...'Who the hell is Kim Kardashan??'....harharharhar....Told him to forget what I said and told him we have to meet...So, met him at Summer Zone in KD and he was curious to see a box in my hand and asked me what it was?....I told him...that the box was the reason I came for....So I went on telling him about the coffee & it's magical wonder....Proven what it can do & will do as I had tried it myself...But he didn't believed me at first....and went on telling me he's in perfect sexually active & tip-top conditions and that he don't need it....But I explained to him that...the coffee is not meant only for cheonging...it also helps improves his blood circulations,energy restorations, helps keep him awake to work and many other health & mental advantages....I scolded him saying....'Hamsap punya olang!...Asyik fikir kongkek saja!'....but I went on telling him that....'Tapi kalau you guna ini kopi cara betul punya....Gajah pun boleh mengandung wo!!!'....Hahahaha....

    The table-talk that was supposed to make him laughed about it had somehow got into him and made him curious & eager to try it...(Totally no idea how did I get him interested....hmmmm??)...But in one condition he said...that I have to share one sachet with him which was recommended for a first timer..I said to him...'Okay!...apa ingat saya takut kar???...okay, on!'...So, he drank half of the sachet meanwhile I had the other half....Then after about 15mins, he...looking like he just came back from the 'journey of the unknown'...suddenly asked me....

    Buddy: 'Wei!...Apasai saya rasa banyak panas?'....

    I told him that....

    Me: 'Itu tandanya itu kopi sudah kick!'.....

    He then went on saying that he began to feel like he was gonna have a fever.....To assure him, I told him.....

    Me: 'You bukan mau deman lah tailo!....You sebenarnya sudah horny!....mau kongkek!...Okaylah...mari!...saya bawak you pergi cari MH370!'....
    Buddy: 370??? Ini bukan 370 wo!!! Ini Kapal terbang mau kasi drop 'Atomic Bomb' di Hiroshima wo!!!!

    The whole room bursted into laughter.....For what he said made me laughed the whole night everytime I remembers what he said...

    Me: So, mana mau pergi? MP kar hotel?
    Buddy: Ikut you lah....

    At this moment, I too beginning to feel the effect kicking in as well...Damn this coffee really strong!...

    Little that he know, I also was feeling what he was feeling at the time....but gotta keep my composure....eventhough I was on the edge of breaking loose....Felt like creating another 'Self-named Autobiography of Ron Jeremy'....Hahaha...So, we embarked into a journey to find Sweet Hut...The MP was quite confusing to find its exact locations but with the help of 'Waze', we managed to find it after all...Headed up the stairs and were greeted by a young OKT...To our surprised, the place was packed with customers sitting down at the sofa and 3 OKTs were going around recommending MLs to the cheongsters around....Was presented with their line-ups and again I was astonished to see that, the line-ups were more like a 'Reunion of GW1, GW2, GW3, Geographer USJ1 & Overtime MPs..Out of 10 MLs were mirrored, 9 of them knew me well....I was embarassed & tried in vain to hide my face but was quickly spotted by one of the ML whom then alerted the others and resulted into a burst of laughters & giggles among them....3 of the MLs even came over and pinched me in the cheek which brought much surprised to most of the cheongsters there...They must have been wondering how the hell the girls seems to know this sohai so well?....I could sensed this from the looks on their faces...Even before the OKT could ask me which girl I want, one of them intercepted and told him for who I came for....Really embarassed at the time...Even my buddy gave me a stare of thousand questions...'How come I knew most of the girls here?'...

    Well I knew before hand that 2-3 girls at this MP, I knew very well from GW days...But I didn't expect that it would be a lot of them here....They kept on smilling & teasing me whenever they could....But I came for Sambucca whom I knew for quite sometime when she was at GW2 & Overtime...But not before I had to wait for an hour for her as she was attending her custo...My friend chose one of the PRC who was Slim, Petite & Pretty plus she was quite tall....So we waited for an hour as my friend wouldn't want to enter alone and just watched the scenarios in the hall....Customers kept on barging in for the promo...and there were also a couple of what I called the 'Observers' who had been sitting at the sofa for god knows how long but never goes in...One after another ML were presented to them but they turned down all of them...Sending a 'big ?' of why were they there?...But fuck who cares!...

    Then Samucca or no.220 (same number that she carries from her overtime days), suddenly emerged from behind the curtain and quickly pulled my hand and brought me in...But not before I made the payment of RM88 promo price at the counter while my friend paid RM98 for the PRC....We both then went in...Inside the small alley consisting a number of 'curtain clad' cubicles, the environment was more like Secondary School Hostel environment with voices & SFX were heard across the alley...Voices of people talking, sounds of girls 'OOH!...AHH!....OWH!..OMG!....Geronimo!! and etc..' filled the air in the area...Sounds of people kept knocking their heads or arms against the wall (cos the cubicle was really small) were also heard a couple of times which resulted in laughters....And the whole place especially inside the cubicle, it was super cold!...The freezing air from the 'High Powered Built in Centralised Aircondition Systems'...immediately sent bone freezing sensations which sent an alarming indications that I may in for a totally 'Flip-Car' last night...cos if i'm freezing cold or really tired, there might be possibility that I will not get an erections at all and will definitely spoil the mood....My friend were experiencing the same problem too and he voiced out his concerns by telling me...'Haiya!...Sejuk Woo!...Matilah ini mcm!'....But we both forgetting that we had drink the A1 Macafe Coffee earlier on and especially my first time friend was totally unaware of its hidden magic that was about to be unleash....

    I was then brought to the what I believed was the biggest bathroom in the MP, allocated for the 'waterbed B2B service' later I assumed....Really huge dark tiled and about the size of 3X their cubicles...Had a good quick wash-up and then went back into the 'eskimo's Igloo' like cubicle!...It was fucking cold!!! That further sent worry to me that definitely I will have a 'Flip-Car'...As before no. 220 who are quite closed to me, started with a quick back massage...She made it obvious that she wanted to skip the massage and get right into it immediately...Whenever I with her...we usually scrapped massage of our menu and got right into some wild DFKs....As we were tongue locking each other...our hands were busy undressing each other's clothes off until we were completely naked.....At the time I still hasn't get an erections or any signs of it....BUt went on with the melody initited by no. 220...She then began to CB and still no signs of survival....But at the very instant she went down and sticked my didi into her mouth, the unthinkable happened again!....All of a sudden, my didi came back to life!....erecting and hardened until it got really hard as concrete stand!....All the freezing cold sensations suddenly vanished and no. 220 was kinda surprised to see that my didi got so hard....harder than ever....judging from the looks on her face and they way she grabbed my didi a couple of times...seems like she was trying to make sure that my didi was in fact superhard!....But none was voiced out as I think she was happy with the way my didi stood....

    In my mind, I was delighted with the outcome...telling myself...'Way to go A1 Macafe!...You're a life-saver once more!...You came at the very right moment of time & when I really needed it!...A1 was in fact could be the next 'Men's Best Friend' other than dogs....No. 220, wasted no time to taste & feels the hardness of my didi...With a quick BBBJ which obviously she couldn't wait to stick it right into her already wet pussy...She capped me and began to ride me CG...and she ride it hard & fast!....Her moaning filled the space in th cubicle...It just turned her on completely....Her just ride it fast all the way from the start...Then at the moment when I think she had cum, she asked for position change....Demanded me to be on top and fuck her missionary...Her cleaned shaved soaking wet pussy proved to be too much for me eventhough I was on A1 Turbo mode....After around 20-30 hard & fast pumps, I finally cum and let out a lot of sperms inside of her.....After finished offloading, I got up and she began to wiped me clean with wet tissue...But she was shocked to find that even after I cum, my didi was still hard as before for quite awhile...She was totally surprised and even asked me if I want some more?....I told her nope...I'm fine with just 'Jet Blast'...But she still curious of why my didi was still stood high?...I told her cos she felt really nice that it took awhile for my didi to recover form the aftermath...(hahahaha....what a lame excuse!....but she bought it....phew!!!).....

    So we spent the remaining time with TCSS, cuddling, DFK-ing & some laughs before finally called it a night....As I exited the area and into the lounge, surprised to find that my friend was already out and was talking to the OKTs at the counter....I was served with warm plain water and received a goodbye kiss on the cheek from no. 220, we finally left the place...In the car, my friend told me of his ordeal...According to him...He was almost given up where after some hard & prolong BBBJ and his didi was still 'dead'...The PRC, to her credit...Did the unexpected....where did her last moves or final 'stunt' before giving up if still his didi gives no reactions...where without putting any CD on him, She climbed on top of him, took his dead didi and began to brushed his 'mushroom head' against her wet clit & her lovehole but avoided entering, suddenly the A1 Firepower kicked in rightaway!....after pressing the 'NOS' button, and the ultimate surges of instant boost kicks in...sending the 6 pistons into lighting flash energy and then just propelled the car like a 'concord supersonic jet' taking off....His didi went hard like a concrete in an instant....went from 0-100 in just seconds...Which brought a mixture of surprised & Happyness to not only my friend but also to the hardworking PRC!....From then on they just went for it until her cum....Same aftermath as mine...his didi was still standing even after he cum which also surprised the PRC....He was so happy & delighted with the A1 result & instant magic...He gave A1 a highly deserved 2 thumbs up!....He said it was The BEST coffee her ever tried....and also he gave a full credit to the hardworking PRC whom never give up so easily and tried her very best until she did what was beyond the SOP to made it happened for him not matter what...So a high ratings for the PRC from my friend....

    On our way back to Kota Damansara, my friend received a call from his boss to come over 'Movida' Club at Sunway Giza for a night out...As we reached Movida and made our way into the club and towards the sofa where his boss is, again we were surprised to find his boss was with 4 of his OKTs and 9 of his girls from 3 of his MPs (Jazze Homme, Summer Zone & Ocean Massage), were dancing & jumping to the dance music....They all were surprised to see us both and gave us hugs and immediately handed a glass filled with beer to us for a welcoming 'Bottoms up'....The boss had already opened 7 towers, a bottle of wine & a bottle of Bacardy Breezer before we arrived...Then he went on to add another 4 towers for us and made us drink....We came to everyone's state of high level alcohol contain....in just 30mins or so...Then Kelly, from Summer ZOne...grabbed me by my arm and made me stood by her side & danced with her...She even made me drank a glass of wine which did the damage and put me in a happy tipsy state which resulted with some hugs, light DFKs & a wild sexy dance from her....At 3am we left the place in a state where if caught, we could be spending a free night stay at the 'balai' but luckily the 3 MPs were just a walking distance from MOVIDA...So, after I walked Kelly over to Summer Zone, I went to Jazze Homme where my friend was waiting for me and rested there for few hours before finally got sober and then headed home....What a wild & adventure night!....Full credit to A1 Macafe Maca Kopi & bro A1macafe for indirectly initiated the amazing chains of events....Cheers!

    Date: 03/09/2014
    Time: 9.30pm till 5am
    Company of: A friend, a non-forumer
    Port: Sweet Hut 18 USJ 21
    ML Name: Samucca
    ML No: 220
    Age: 23
    Origin: Popiah
    Face: 8/10 - Pretty SYT for me
    Body: 8.5/10 - Slim & Petite
    Boobs: 8/10 - Just about the right size for me
    Pussy: 8.5/10 - Trimmed pussy
    Ass: 8/10 – Curvy round ass
    Massage: We usually skipped this
    B2B: Also this
    CB: 8/10 – with steamy sensations
    DFK: 10/10 - We spent most of our times together DFK-ing
    AR: nil
    DATY: we skipped
    BBBJ: 8/10 – Great..A quick one as I already hard like concrete with the help of A1 Macafe
    FJ: 9/10 - More like a 'Love-Making' scene
    GFE: 10/10 - We were like couple been apart for so long
    Overall: She kept on asking how come my didi felt harder than before..She enjoyed it so much
    Damage: RM88 – 10days Promo Rate
    WIR: Of course
    Remarks: Ended the night of full excitements with some naughty behavior with Kelly at MOVIDA Club

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    Went over to this MP yesterday afternoon in search of my regular ML, no.220...But when I arrived there, was told by the OKT that she had just gone in for a 2hours straight....Holly shit!...Who the hell....?...By the way, a very quiet scene at the MP but the hall was fully filled by their MLs...Some were sitting at the counter, some having their lunch at the table.....2 was lying under the blanket at the sofas and some was standing and talking to the OKT in mandarin and were smiling and giving me a naughty look but have no idea what they were talking about....

    The OKT then asked me if I wanna wait for 220 but she will be in for 2hours....I thought to myself, it will definitely be an agonizing 2 hours wait if I wanna wait for her...And will all the sexy MLs parading in front of me...I don't think I could wait for 2 hours....So, I asked, who's available?...He told me everyone here and some in the room....I scouted around visually but apparently Belinda, no. 206 who was quite familiar to me was giving me a naughty smile all the time....Giving me a hint to pick her among the rest....There is also Eva (Samucca's blood sister) who was sitting at the counter, were also giving me a smile....So after some thinking & evaluation, I finally decided to take on pretty Belinda...The OKT told her and she was happy to be picked...She went into the room while I made a payment of RM150 and waited for her....I TCSS with the OKT for a bit when Belinda came over me and were pinching my nips and was saying something in viet and pointed at the door...I assumed it was an invitation form her to let's go up to the room....I stood up where she grabbed me by the arm and together walked up hand in hand to the floor above for the much bigger room rather than the small cubicle....She asked me which room I want but I told her any room...She then selected the room adjacent to the entrance and told me to wait for her....While waiting for her, I heard samucca's voice laughing down the hallway....She must be having a good time and I didn't pay more attentions to it and began getting undressed for the quick shower....Just then Belinda walked in with her gear and quickly began sucking on my nips as I already had my shirt of and was getting my pants off....Belinda began to gave me a hand in unziping my zipper, unbuckled my belt & unbutton my pants then pulled it down.....revealling my semi-erecting didi due to her sucked on my nips earlier on.....She smiled naughtily and began to pulled down my boxer and this time revealing my semi-erecting didi barebaked....After peeling my boxer off, she grabbed my didi, gave it a few strokes then began to BBBJ me even before I had the wash-up first....Her BBBJ was so arousing that she gave me a wet BBBJ until I had erected fully and then she smiled and told me to head for the shower....Kinky ML she was...

    With my fully erected didi, I went for a quick shower and cleaned myself well....The room was good with queen size bed, a designated air-condition and personalized shower cubicle....After I was done, i slide open the cubicle door to find Belinda had already stripped naked without any towel on and was giving me a smile and pointed at the bed....I understood her signal and quickly jumped onto the bed after drying myself up....Belinda then climbed on top of me and began her 'piano' like massages....Not a great one nor a bad one...Once a while she paused to kissed me on my neck which really aroused me....Then she told me to flipped over and began to CB me...Nipple concerntrated....Quite arousing I must say...Then she slide down while kissing me all over...Then she began attacking my didi....BBBJ-ing me sensually which got me fully erected in no time....She kept on BBBJ-ing me evethough my didi already hardened as steel....Belinda seems to loved BBBJ-ing me from the way she was working my didi up...Not sure with other bros, but she loved to blow me and spent most of the time BBBJ-ing me...My hands quickly grabbed & squeezed her not so small and not so big boobies....Tickling her nipples which made her moan softly....She then moved up to DFK-ed me...I could sensed that she too had turned on by my magic touch....Then my hand began wondering towards her pussy which I began fondling her already getting wet pussy....she loved it evidently from the intensity of her DFK....While DFK-ing me, she moans as I fingered her pussy...Her hand was stroking my didi slowly.....

    As much as I do, she too wanted for the action so much....She got up and grabbed the CD and signaled to me that she wanted to cap me up....I nodded yes in agree...So she capped me up and climbed on top to CG me...After managed to slide my hard as steel didi into her tight & wet pussy, she began riding me me slowly and increases the pace as sensations was really arousing....She was CG-ing me and then leaned forward towards me and began DFK-ing me hard....We were DFK-ing so sensually that she grabbed my face with both her hands to DFK-ing hard....Her riding got fast & harder as we were buried with the DFK....THen I got up and signaled to her I wanted to doggy her....She agreed and positioned herself towards the bed's head...Then I slowly guided my didi into her soaking wet pussy...As I finally fully entered her pussy, she moan loud in pleasure...Feeling my hard as steel & warmed didi inside of her, she demanded me to pound her hard....I did wat was told and pounded her hard all the way towards the end....We both moaned in pleasure but my moan was overshadowed by Belinda's loud moans that filled the entire room.....I then leaned forward to grabbed her boobs and kissed her neck....She looked back and demanded me to DFK her which I did...So we were DFK-ing each other while she throttles back and forth and then I got up to continue pouding her doggystyle....I pounded her hard and fast until I finally shot my load out....And after I done with the offloading I just lay beside her....She too just colapsed onto the bed face down trying to catch her breath back....We were laying beside each other for a while before she got up and took the CD off me and wiped me cleaned with wet tissue....After TCSS with her for a while, I got up to shower myself clean...Belinda wet somewhere else to cleaned up....After I got dressed, I kissed her forehead and was about to leave the room when she told me to wait for her...After putting everything back in order, she held me by the hand and we went downstairs hand in hand....I sat on the sofa and was served with hot chinese tea meanwhile Belinda went in the room to dropped her gear....She then returned again to sit beside me on the sofa and rested her head on my shoulder....After I finished my ciggy, I told her it's time for me to go....She kissed me on the cheek and escorted me to the door, As I walked myself down the stairs, Belinda blew me a flying kisses...

    Date: 17/09/2014
    Time: 2.30pm
    Port: Sweethut 18@USJ 21
    ML Name: Belinda
    ML No: 206
    Age: Words goes around saying she is 30...but doesn't looked like 30 to me
    Origin: Popiah
    Face: 8/10 - Pretty face with sharp features
    Body: 8/10 - Slim & quite tall...Made her figure looks sexy
    Boobs: 7/10 - A 33B cup..Fair enough
    Pussy: 9/10 - Tight
    Ass: 7/10 - Solid curvy ass
    Massage: 5/10 - Normal piano playing
    CB: 7/10 - Nips concerntrated
    DFK: 8/10 - Sensual DFK
    BBBJ: 9/10 - Excellent BBBJ...I loved it....Before I went in the shower and before capping me up
    DATY: Didnt try
    AR: Nope
    FJ: 8/10 - Damned nice...Fucking a slim & solid body ML is always an enjoyable experiences for me
    GFE: 8/10 - Naughty, playful & seems to give herself to me
    Overall: 8.5/10 - Been eyeing this ML for quite awhile since her Overtime days
    WIR: Yes
    Damage: RM150

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