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    Overtime MP@Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur

    This happened last week on Thursday morning…I had just came back from a flight and were at home around 12.00am..Was a little bit tired so after shower I planned to put myself to sleep…But after turning left and then turning right to put myself to sleep, I still couldn’t sleep…Eventhough I was a little bit tired, but my eyes doesn’t seem to be able to doze off…So, after an agonizing 20mins of trying to force myself to sleep and failed, I gave up and just sat on my bed wondering why I couldn’t get a sleep…I forced my eyes shut but still failed….Hmm…I was lost & blanked thinking the reason why…So I decided to go out for a round of bonk..After that maybe I could get my sleep…Hmm….maybe I was horny! That’s why I couldn’t sleep!...Hahahaha….

    So I got up and got ready…Just put on my T-shirt & my pants then grabbed my car key and entered my car…But I still didn’t have my point of destination…Then I listed out all the 24hours operated MPs which were Mermaid MP@Mega Mendung, Fullhouse24@Puteri & Overtime@Mega Mendung. Then I eliminated it by selecting the nearest ones to my home…So, Mermaid & Overtime MP stood out to be selected…After a thorough but quick consideration, I decided to go to Overtime as it has been a while since I last visited this port…So, I was eager to check-out their line-ups…I drove alone to Jalan Klang Lama at 2.30am in the morning…This was my second time to actually go to MP very very late…The first time was with Terrence, Kelvin & Evillned at Fullhouse24…

    On my way to Overtime, I went through a roadblock along Jalan Klang Lama, before the Pearl Point Hotel which went smoothly without any problem..Then I turned into the street to Overtime MP and saw their Red ‘Open’ LED lights was on…I managed to find a parking which is right in front of the MP which was good considering the time….After parked my vehicle properly and made my way up the stairs and pressed the bell….From the staircase I could hear girls voices talking….It was a good sign cause at least I know some girls are still awake at the time….After 2mins, the magnetic door was released and I headed up until the main door which the grill door was locked….I was like…Oh No!...Don’t tell me it’s closed!...But suddenly a fat OKT opened the wooden door and began to unlocked the solex and the grill door..As he opened the grilled door, we both were shocked when we looked at each other….Then the silent turned to a more joyful moment..It turned out that the OKT was an old friend of mine who also used to worked as an OKT at another port somewhere in Kuchai Lama….We both greeted each other with smiles & laughter….It’s been a while since we last saw each other…Then he offered me a sit and a glass of cold water….So, we TCSS like a long lost friends…There were a lot of stuffs that we needed to catch up….Until I asked him…who are working at the time?...He told me 4 were available and he will show them to me reminding me that I might know some of them…And yes indeed…Indeed I do know them…Then I asked him if no. 209….my personal favourite girl was unavailable because of ‘Red Flag’….Damn!...Nevermind….There’s always next time….

    So he brought 4 MLs out and at first glance, one ML seem to recognized me well…The moment she saw me sitting at the sofa in front of them, she threw me this naughty smile…We were exchanging smiles & some facial gestures towards each other….Her friends seems to be smiling watching our naughty gestures…Then the OKT asked me if I know any of them….I told him yes and told him that he can send the girls back in….So he sent them back into their room and I told him I want to take the small size ML in the sea blue dress….He asked me if it is 211?...Yes!...that’s the one!...The infamous…Shila….The French Kissing Queen!....Actually eventhough I knew her for quite a while…I actually have never tried her before….I myself have no idea why….But that morning seemed to be my chance to finally try her…I heard a lot of good things about her and very few not good ones…Arghh…why bother about her past….We must endure her presence self….She seems happy went I picked her to serve me…Kept throwing that naughty smiles of hers….Eventhough time has already reached 3am, she was still seen to be happy to serve me….She grabbed the pair of ‘thong’ and gave it to me in exchanged for my shoes and socks which she placed it on the shoe rack…Then she grabbed the towels and held my hand and walked into the cubicle area…I knew which was her cubicle, the last one on the right and I just headed straight for it and into her room….She laughed hard watching my naughty & funny behavior…Actually I just took a gamble by assuming it was still her room….Last time before she returned to Vietnam, the last room on the right was her room….So I assumed it was still her room without confirming with her first…Luckily it was still her room…

    After we both were in the room, shila seem keep giving me that naughty smile of her most of the time, spanking my butt a couple…We didn’t get into stripping ourselves rightaway but instead she sat and laid down resting her head on me and just laid on the mattress quietly…Only after 5mins we got up and she told me to take a shower in that wee hours of cold morning…After just washing myself briefly, I returned to find that Shila was waiting in the room..Once she saw I’m entering she suddenly pulled my towel off and left me standing there naked…I quickly jumped on the mattress and laid faced down while she was laughing at me….Then she told me to wait for her while she went to get something…..She only returned after 5-7mins and began to stripped herself and then went to take her shower…Then she returned and threw her towel on the floor and she took the long mirror that was beside the room’s entrance and then placed it right beside me and rested it on her make up rack…I have no reasonable idea the reason why she placed the mirror beside the mattress…Must be she wanted to look on the mirror while we have sex…Hmm…kinky!!

    Then she began a ‘Nice a Bad’ massage…Getting a mild massages in the early morning really was nice and made my tensed body felt relaxed….I was really relaxed till I almost fell asleep…But she tickles me and then kissed me all over my neck & back to keep me awake..What she did wasn’t only keeping me awake but also made my brother awake….Then she told me to flip-over to my back…..Then she climbed on top and placed her pussy right on top of my didi until I ‘erecting’ didi could feel her soft ‘beginning to get wet’ pussy on my didi…It felt nice though…..She then began to attacked me with DFK…Everyone was right!...she loved to DFK..In fact we spent most of the times allocated by DFK-ing…She really was a great kisser…Kissing her is not the same with kissing other popiah, PRC or even BAKSO….Kissing her felt so sensual and I began to like her kissings…Then she slide herself down and began attacking my nips instead…Her CB really heat things up….I began to have an erection….after she CB me like crazy, she then slide down-south and began attacking my didi…Shila’s BBBJ was another one of the best I’ve had….They was she licked, blow, swallowed & DT really arousing till my didi stood up like a flagpole…Eventhough my didi was already concrete hard, she was still BBBJ-ing until at times I almost cum but I stopped her….As I was really aroused by her BBBJ, my hands began to explore her body, ass & her kitty…

    Her boobs, was small and those people were right about her ‘saggy’ boobs but not a bad one….I’ve seen worst…Saggy until not only you is a turn-off..but you can even get an erection when you look at it…That how bad it was…But Shila’s boobs is still acceptable…I grabbed and squeezed her boobs which made her moan soft..after BBBJ me like crazy and got me hard as steel, she got up and we DFK again…Then she grabbed the CD and signaled to me if I want to use the CD…Without even giving any thought, I quickly nodded yes…Told her….’Put it on babehhh!!!’…Phew! that was closed!....Then she she asked me if I want to be on top? But I told her to lay down beside me…Placing herself side ways facing the mirror which she had placed earlier on….Now you talking!!!!....Now we’ve put the mirror to a good used…..kinky!...Then I came behind her placing myself also sideway and began inserting my didi into her wet pussy...Shila lifted her left leg up allowing me to enter her easily. As I entered her fully, I began throttling slowly but she insisted me to go hard & fast….I did what was told and she seem to liked it as she held the back of my head while I doggy her sideways…..The position was really arousing…I just wanted us to stay in this position but she who was already XTC, told me she wanted to be on top….She than began riding me CG hard & fast….Her moan got louder this time…..I just assists her riding me by ‘lifting & let go’ her butt to help her ride up and down…..It was really sensual….But I instructed her to just move sideway where told her not to get up but to just move herself sideways to her left…..This made her facing the mirror which was right in front of her….Then told her to start riding me to heaven…Now she was riding me up & down sideways while I helped lifting her but up & down…..This position she was great and riding me hard & fast made it so arousing…In just 20 ups & downs hard movements by Shila, I finally reached climax and finally shot my load out….I was a relief of sheer pleasure….She was XTC to and we both were catching our breath…..Shila was great & sporting partner cos she would just comply to all my demands…..

    After that she just lay cuddling each other…..After resting for 5mins, she than asked me if I want another round of sex, I told her NO cos I was really exhausted plus it was already 5am….I knew she was also exhausted but she wanted to satisfy me more….I told her no need and told her to just close her eyes and relax….While I caressed her hair she felt asleep…I know she was really tired…I’m sure she must have worked the whole day and almost 24hours….She quickly dozed off and so did I…We slept for around 20mins when I was awoken by SMS on my phone…I wake her up as I thought our time was already up….She then told me to go shower myself while she make-up her mattress…After I done clean-up, got dressed and before I left her I gave her a kiss and a hug…As I got to the main hall, a customer was waiting for dunno who…I sat down and Shila came over served me cold water and sat beside me…She had her arm wrapped around me and I put my hand around and hugged her…She than slipped her hand into my shirt and began fondling my nips….We sat on the sofa cuddling each other while I TCSS with the OKT….After about 30mins..I left the MP and only then shila returned to her room….I left the port only at 6am and felt really satisfied and ready to get back and get a sleep….

    Date: Last week Thursday
    Time: 3.30am
    ML Name: Shila
    ML No: 211
    Origin: Popiah
    Age : in her 20s
    Face : 8/10 – A cutiepie looks
    Body : 8/10 - Small & Petite built
    Boobs : 6/10 – Small but Saggy..However not a bad saggy if you know what I mean…
    Ass : 7/10 - Small & nice to grab
    Pussy : 7.5/10 – Her pussy still feel nice
    Massage : 7.5/10 – Not A Bad one
    HJ : 8/10 – Nice & slow strokes
    BBBJ : 9.5/10 – She gave another one of the best ever BBBJ
    CIM : Didnt ask
    DFK : 9.5/10 – She really loved to DFK that’s why she was branded as ‘Queen of DFK’
    AR : nope
    DATY : I didn’t wanna do it
    FJ : 10/10 – CG-ing her sideways really did the damage….I cum in just a couple of ‘ups & downs’..She was a good fuck
    GFE : 9/10 – She being herself as usual…Manja
    Moan : 7/10 – Sensual moans
    Rush : No
    WIR : yes…to her or to other...
    Overall: 9/10 – Especially during CG-ing Sideways
    Damage : RM138

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    A Very Arousing Early Morning Moment With A Newly Arrived TY From Bangkok

    This morning I just couldn’t get some sleep…cos I was feeling a little bit itchy for some action.So my mind was wondering what to do until Overtime MP came across my mind….Maybe by paying Overtime a visit would ease my mind and also this feeling of Horniness…So I put on some casual, grabbed my car keys and headed out to Old Klang Road on the wee morning around 2.45am. Not much traffic along the way to Old Klang Road and it was a very smooth trip with no roadblocks along the way until I reached Overtime doorsteps..

    I went up the staircase and pressed the bell which then the magnetic door was released and as I got to the grilled door, the OKT who is my friend greeted me in and offered me a seat on the sofa…Two unfamiliar girls were sitting in front of the TV having their late supper….The OKT quickly told me that 4 TYs had just arrived a while ago and two of them are those girls who were having their late supper…Not bad looking…Please be inform that Overtime MP has stocked up their stocks where 4 TYs were added up to their existing squadron of Vietnamese ML…The OKT told me that just 4 hours before I arrived, another friend of ours, which also I know, brought the 4 TYs to the MP….Excellent!...More selections now at Overtime and not only Popiahs and now they have TYs in their menu….

    So, the OKT asked me if I wanna mirror the line-ups…..I told him yes…So we called up all the MLs out…I was surprised to see that one after another pretty & goodlooking MLs came out…To the right was a school of Popiahs with one familiar face, no. 209…Staring at me with a blank & confused looks on her face while to the left were the 4 TYs who were pretty on average but one Gorgeous TY in white really caught my eyes…Ever since I just couldn’t get my eyes of her….As I schemed through the line-ups, there were 11 MLs now and plenty to choose from….But my attention had been stolen by these gorgeous TY…So I told the OKT that he can send the girls back in and I will inform him later which ML I want….
    So I TCSS with the OKT for awhile and finally made my decision and told him that I would like to try the Gorgeous TY in white…He told me it was a good choice as she was one of the customer oriented ML….

    So, he went to call the TY out and then returned to his counter to continued TCSS with me….As we were chit chatting the gorgeous TY came out with a big smile at me…Damn! She’s gorgeous!...and then she came and sat beside me….Her slim & sexy figure really knocked me off my feet and after I paid the OKT, he then escorted me into the cubicle….The moment we entered the cubicle, she immediately gave me a sweet kiss on the lips….Wow!..She was really friendly…Then the first words came out of her mouth…She told me to excused her if anything wasn’t up to standard cos she’s really new in this business….In fact this was her first time to work in Malaysia….One great thing about this TY is she speaks English very well…Not fluent but well enough that not a single words spoken she didn’t understand…Well, that’s excellent!...Made the Ice Breaking more easier…Then she told me it was time to take a shower first…Then we both stripped ourselves naked and after wrapping myself with towel and so did she, she asked me…’Do you want me to shower with you?’….I told her…’Yes, of course!’….

    In the toilet, only me had myself naked for the shower whereas she still had her bra, panties & towel wrapped around her…When I asked her why?...She told me she was really shy….It’s fine by me….But she was the one who was bathing me…Towards half way during which she was bathing me, she suddenly said…’This is my first time bathing a guy!’….And she blushingly laughed….I said…’Really???..before this you never bath with a guy?’…She told me No and before this she worked in a hair salon, pedicure & medicure shop in Bangkok….Well, excellent then…I guessed I’ll get to bonked a very virgin girl in this industry!...Not physically virgin but working virgin….This itself already beginning to give me a hardon….

    It proved that she was really shy, cos during which she was cleaning my didi, she was smilling and blushing…I just watched her and when she noticed I was staring at her, she looked up and asked me why…with her face blushing red……After the cleaned ups, we went back into the cubicle and as I was drying myself up, she suddenly came closed to me, looked me in the eyes and passionately DFK-ed for a good long 5mins….She was a really excellent kisser and she kissed passionately…Her tongue were exploring my mouth and I returned the favour by letting my tongue to explore her tongue as well….Once a while I sucked her soft tongue which she really like….This has in fact beginning to turn into a best morning session I ever had……Then I asked her name…She told me Dia and I asked her how old and she again told me she’s 26…Hmm….Nice age…Then I lay face down for the massage session….Before she started the massage, She apologized and asked to be excused again if her massage wasn’t good cos she doesn’t know how to massage….It was her first time ever working as a messeusse who offer a full package…It was kinda weird that a TY doesn’t know how to massage but she only worked in a Hair salon before this…I believed she never do massage before and that was why she didn’t know how to give massage…So, her massage was only for a while where she suddenly stopped and kissed me on my cheek…I thought to myself….’Let’s see what she’s capable off and what she has stored for me…’

    She then told me to flip over and I did just what was told….This is when she gave me the biggest surprised of my life…However, she did not start with CB but she went straight for DFK….I presumed that she loved DFK so very much…She began DFK-ing passionately….with tongue fighting, lips biting & saliva exchanging during DFK….We were deeply French kissing each other like a lovers in love and this has got us so turned on and began to breath hard…I DFK-ed so tensely until Dia couldn’t take it anymore and she began to moved down south to start BBBJ-ing me….This is what I meant by ‘biggest surprise of my life’….The moment she began to BBBJ me where the very instant she started to put my didi inside her mouth, hell broke lose!..I She really knocked me off my feet with her Superb BBBJ….Suddenly this gorgeous TY changed into someone else different!....She suddenly turned to a gorgeous girl who gives superb BBBJ…The way she swallowed the whole of my rod, deepthroathing my didi & the way she sucked my ‘mushroom head’, was really arousing that I felt like I was in heaven….The way she licked my didi from the botton to top, was so fantastic that she almost made me cum…..I had to stopped her….

    This is when she took the opportunity to unclipped her bra that revealed her 32C cup boobies and presented to me for me to play with it….As I began to grabbed & squeezed her small but nice boobs…she continued BBBJ-ing…This TY really knows & really liked to BBBJ…..Her BBBJ was so arousing that it sent shivers all over my body and my knee began to get weak….Again she almost make me cum that I had to stopped her again….This gave her opportunity to take her panties off….I knew right than it was a signal that she wanted the sex as much as I do….So I told her to capped me up which she did, and then I told her to CG me…..She climbed up and inserted my didi into her wet & warmed pussy…I was like….’Damn she tight!...This is my only time tasting a TY’s pussy after so long’…..This Hair Salon girl’s pussy really was tight!....Now I believed her that she used to worked in a salon only….I felt instantly nice….She began riding me up & down while I squeezed her boobs…..Her pussy tightness was really a man’s killer. Together with her sexy & arousing moans, made the FJ so sensual….Again I had to tell her to stopped cos I was going to cum….I didn’t want to cum fast cos I still wanna taste her tight pussy….

    She asked me why did I told her to stop?...I told her it’s because her pussy felt so nice and the tightness of her pussy was so much to waste in just one position….She smiled..Then I told her I wanna do her doggystyle…She agreed happily…she then positioned herself for doggy…The sight of her ass towards me was so sexy…She really have a curvy & solid round ass with a tattoo on the right just above her ass….I waited no time to inserted my didi into her wet & tight pussy….Then from there on I just pounds her hard and fast…She seems to like it as she began to moan loud and she began to grabbed the mattress cover indicating that she was in XTC!...She then turned back towards me and told me to grabbed her by her hair while I pound her….WTF!...She’s also so kinky!...I love it!...With my right hand grabbing her hair and my left hand grabbing her ass, I continued pounding her hard and fast….Her moans got louder and she grabbed the bed sheet so hard until it got loose and off the mattress…Then one of her hand grabbed my left arm…She proved that she couldn’t stand my hard & fast pounding….I continued pounding this tight TY’s pussy like I was throttling towards the finish line…Then the moment came as I was nearing to the stage of climax, I just went hard for it until I finally shot my load out inside of her….I could feel the huge amount of sperm had been shot out….Then I just lay beside her while catching my breath…So did she and then she stutterly told me that she had cum 3 times during the doggy!...I was like…What???...3 times?...holy shit! She even told me that she had never had an excellent poundings and hadn’t had a good doggystyle fuck for so long …..I told her that it’s also been a long time that I had an excellent sex with a TY….

    We TCSS for awhile before we finally cleaned ourselves up and got dressed….Before I left the cubicle, we DFK-ed for awhile and she told me to come and look for her again…I told her I will surely will…..I went out and find that the OKT was sleeping on the sofa…So I sat down for a cigarette break which then joined by Dia who sat beside me and rested her head on my shoulder…She was telling something to her friend in thai….And after I finished my ciggy, Dia woke the OKT up and before I left the port, again Dia kissed me on my cheek and said thank you….I left the MP with a big smile, satisfied & feeling fully loaded before I go for work in the afternoon….Oh what a sexy time I had!

    Date: 15/09/2014
    Time: 2.45am
    ML Name: Dia
    ML No: Haven’t been assign a number yet..She’s just arrived
    Origin: TY - Bangkok
    Age : 26
    Face : 9/10 – Gorgeous & Cheerful Face..She’s the only who smiled easily and that made her cute.
    Skin: 8.5/10 – A little Tanned…A typical Southern Thai skin..But still made her gorgeous
    Body : 9/10 - Slim, Petite & Sexy from what she appeared to be…
    Boobs : 8.5/10 – A 32B Cup boobs…She has the boobs size that I like….
    Ass : 9/10 - Curvy & Solid Firm Ass…She has a tattoo just below her waist on the right
    Pussy : 9/10 – Well Trimmed & Tight…Her pussy felt warm..A really nice warm
    Massage : 6/10 – She really new in this industry…She doesn’t know massage. A big ‘question mark’ for a TY that doesn’t know how to massage…But give her a bit more time and she will improve….She expressed her desires to learn massage…So give her a handicap guys!...Don’t put high expectation!
    HJ : 8/10 – Nice & Gentle strokes which was so sensual…
    BBBJ : 10/10 – She, being a TY….Gave one of the best ever BBBJ..Her deepthroat was really a turn-ons
    CIM : Didn’t do
    DFK : 10/10 – She really loved to DFK. A really good kisser I presumed…Excellent tongue play
    AR : nope
    DATY : Didn’t do it as I really wanted to fuck her…
    FJ : 10/10 – Bonking her was like bonking your favourite ‘Pornstar’..Being inside of her was a feeling that I can’t describe….She brought back my ‘Fading’ Perceptions of TY’s services
    GFE : 10/10 – She was very chatty, friendly, really showed her passionate personality & really made me feel like her BF
    Moan : 9/10 – Soft Sensual moans. This somewhat turned me on even more….
    Rush : No
    WIR : Yes….For her again…Wanna RTF her…Can’t get enough of her…Since time was already very late…DIdn’t get much out of her…Imagine when she still fresh….I’m sure I will enjoy her more
    Overall: 10/10 – Gorgeous & Friendly TY who was very friendly & loved to chit-chat….She really made my time with her a ‘Moment I can Never Forget’….Bonking her with just 2 positions, really sensual & arousing that I just couldn’t get enough of her..
    Damage : RM138

    "My perceptions & experienced I had may or may not be the same with others due to the chemistry between us and maybe the initial approached of the ‘Ice Breaking’ moment with this TY…So don’t expect the same………………"

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    After I had a nice bonking experienced with a TY ML in the afternoon, at night around 8pm the same day I was out again..It was my weekend off-day for Saturday & Sunday..so staying at home wasn’t part of my plans last night..So I paid my friend a visit at his shop in Pelangi Damansara near Bandar utama…After spending 1-2 hours ‘lepaking’ at his shop, we decided to go out where he had to drop-by his other 2 shops for ‘punch card’…so I decided to accompany him since I had nothing to do and didn’t want to stay home….First we made our way to one of his shop in Kota Damansara area and basically he checked-in there…checked what’s been going on overthere and TCSS with his OKT. We were there for nearly 3 hours when suddenly my friend told me he was bored…Being friends for almost 10 years now…made me easily understood what it means whenever he says he was bored….

    So, whenever he says he is bored…that means he wants to go cheong and that also means there will be an MP or few MPs that will be raided by us …So I immediately asked him…where he would like to go and raid?....He replied…’You bring me lor!...You know more MPs than me…’….I knew it!..I knew that this was coming my way….Now I have to think of an MP which he have not been too and take him there…Plus…I just had a good round of sex in the afternoon..earlier of the day….But I can’t tell him that cos if he know that I had gone to an MP to cheong with inviting him, he will get furious…(Friendly furious lah…good friends what..)…So my lips was tied about my adventure at Miyako Playground earlier of the day…..So after giving much thoughts…I asked him if he ever been to Overtime MP in Jalan Klang Lama?....He said NO….And that just made my life much more easier cos if he been there before…than I have to think of another MP to take him….

    Since he never been to Overtime…I told him to let’s go to Overtime then….Roughly around 12.30am we left his shop and were on our way to Overtime in Jalan Mega Mendung in the drizzling night…Under the continuous drizzling conditions, we reached Overtime in 30mins and was happy to find that we managed to get a parking which was right in front of the entrance…Normally around these hours plus the drizzle, there aren’t much activities around Mega Mendung…So there always plenty of parking spaces in that area…After we parked our car, we headed up the staircase and pressed on the bell which then opened the ‘Magnetic Grilled Door’ that took us a few steps to reached the MP’s locked grilled gate into the MP…In just a second, the OKT who is my good friend also, opened its wooden door and was overjoyed when he saw me on the other side of the grill….Same like before, he greeted me & my friend in with a..’Apa macam?’…

    So me & my friend settled ourselves down at my usual spot that is beside the ‘Dispenser’ and I as usual began TCSS with the OKT and had a few laughs…Then he suddenly asked me if the guy that came with me is my friend?...I told him yes and he some more asked if he’s malay?...I told him NO…he is a Chinese Guy….and he speaks Vietnamese really fluent….And that very moment, the bell rang and another customer was at the door….The OKT then opened the door and let him in and he sat on the sofa on the right…Nice & friendly chap..Then the OKT called upon all the MLs for ‘Chow ching’..All the MLs came out and lined-up in front of us…Roughly at that time, 11 MLs were available for selection…Normal & familiar faces but 2 MLs really caught my attention…One of them was Kimmy, no. 209 whom this time appeared in her new looks…Major changes had been made with her hair…Now Kimmy will always stands out from the rest of the girls cos she coloured her hair bright red now….Her old long black hair is now bright red and maybe just a coincidence or out of purposely, it happened that she was wearing a red colour dress which matched her hairdo….Kimmy still looked sexy & pretty but this time..her bright red long hair makes her stands out among them…

    Another ML that really caught my attention was a Tall, Slim & Model Figured Popiah with gorgeous face named Anna, no. 225…Her almost ‘alike’ a model body figure and pair of her long legs, really caught my eyes that I couldn’t get my eyes off her…The way she smiled, her naughty & playful behavior witnessed from the way she talked to the OKT plus her pretty ‘chinese look alike’ face, made my interest on her grew stronger each seconds I had my eyes on her….What made me more surprised beyond beliefs was that…She’s the ‘One of the Kind’ Popiah ML who only converse in English….She even speaks to the OKT in english…Her English may not be a perfect & professional type of English, but she seems to prefers to speak in english and her very talkative attitude helps her to improve her English totally as she uses it frequently….Of all the Popiah MLs that I’ve tried ranging from ‘No English’ at all till her level of English spoken, She’s the only one that I didn’t have any problem talking to….A very rare quality of popiah I shall say….
    It didn’t take me too long to make my decision where I chose to try this pretty tall popiah and after made the RM138 payment to the OKT, Anna escorted me into the cubicle holding me by the hand…Anna seems to be a little bit jumpy and kept on giggling all the while we were together..I didn’t know what was so funny to her but I just ignored it cos when I asked her why..She didn’t want to tell me..Well…It’s okay with me as long as we have a good time together…As we entered the cubicle, she smiled & giggled at me….Then told me that she will shower me so told me to strip myself naked……So we both stripped ourselves naked then we both headed for the shower together…She really cleaned me up and was being very naughty too as she began to give me a ‘Standing BBBJ’ but only for few seconds then continued with the wash-ups….She was teasing me all the time….As she was cleaning me up thoroughly, I just stared at her boy and oh boy!...I must say…her 32A Cup boobies, Slim Figure, Model shape & pretty cute face…Really made me wanna do her rightaway in the toilet itself…But I shouldn’t let my weakness got over me and just grab her turn her around and doggy her in the toilet…I have to control myself and show to her that I’m a ‘Gentleman Cheongster’ and not some ‘Sex Maniac’…After the clean-ups, we both headed back to the cubicle which she began what I called ‘Just like playing a piano’ massage which didn’t give me any relaxing or soothing sensations at all…It proved that she wasn’t interested in the massage at all….So I signaled to her to just go straight to the ‘Main Course’..

    She began CB me which actually beginning to turned me on…..With Anna sucking & licking my nips so sensually with her great tongue twisting lickings on my nips really gave me an instant erection…Upon noticing that my didi had began to grow hard, Anna slowly grabbed & stroked my ‘Erecting didi’ in a slow & gentle but yet very arousing techniques…She got my didi hard like steel in just few of her magical touches & strokes together with the sensual CB she did on me..

    She then moved down-south and started attacking my didi gently & passionately….When it comes to giving BBBJ, she proved herself to be one of the greatest BBBJ that I’ve experienced before…She was more like an expert and displayed her amazing skills of sucking, deepthroating & licking of didi….I felt like I was in heaven…Blown away by her ‘Pornstar’ like BBBJ…A lot of her saliva was dripping down my shaft then onto my scrotum….It really was so arousing that I just had to asked her again to start with the FJ rightaway….She got up…gave me a naughty smiles before beginning to capped me up…Then she asked me if I want her to do me or I want to do her first?....Her question itself already giving me a hard-on…I told her to CG me first for a start…She happily obliged and began inserting my solid hard didi into her wet & warm pussy…..Again another surprise for me from her…..Her pussy was actually felt so tight that she had to slowly slide my didi in and really took her time to finally get it all in….Her extremely tight moist vagina really gave me a ‘Spine-Chilling’ sensations that I haven’t felt for a long time…Because she was too tight…she had to slowly ride me up and down and the way she rode me really sent a surge of amazing sensations that it even gave me a goose bump…

    As she began feeling the hardness of my steel hard didi inside of her and as I began to felt that her pussy’s wall really was like squeezing my didi, she increased her pace and began to ride me harder….In just a few ‘up & down’ riding of my didi, she began to reached her climax as she began muttering…’I’m coming!......I’m coming!...Owh Fuck!...Damned Nice!’…..Her ability to conversed in English well really made the moment a very sensual one as she began stuttering some ‘Dirty Talks’ as we were enjoying the poundings….I admit that I cannot fight this girl’s ability….I surrendered to her skills and the feeling of being inside of her was so unbareable…..So before I reach the ‘end of the line’….I just have to finish her in doggystyle….

    I asked her if we could change to doggystyle as I really loved doggystyle…Its my favourite position of all time….So she positioned herself for the infamous doggystyle. On both her knees and exposing her wet & tight lovehole for me to give her fast & hard poundings….I slowly guided my didi into her wet forbidden kingdom…..and after finally sliding my didi fully inside of her, I began pounding her with full throttle from the start….I was pumping her hard & fast which sent her into XTC and she began to moan her lungs out….Her hands began to grasped on the bedsheet and she buried her face onto the mattress to kill her loud moan out…But still her moaning sounded loud enough….She really loved getting pounded by my hard long didi where she continued with the dirty talks and her loud moans filled air in the cubicle…I’m sure that her loud moan could be heard clearly by our nextdoor neighbour…But it didn’t bothers her at all and she continued to moan loud…I too was in my own XTC mode and after just another few pumps I finally released all my load inside of her wet & warm tight pussy…..We both were panting for some breaths and were just laying next to each other for a while…After regaining back our strength…We both got up and headed for the shower for a quick clean-ups and after we got dressed, before leaving the cubicle, I gave her a kiss on her lips and gave her a friendly hug…She whispered into my ears to come and look for her again…..I just told he…’I will surely will baby….I surely will!’….

    Date: 21/09/2014
    Time: 1.30Am
    Port: Overtime MP@Klang Lama
    ML Name: Anna
    ML No: 225
    Origin: Popiah
    Language Spoken: Amazingly she’s the only Popiah who conversed only in English…
    Face: 9/10 – Really pretty popiah from what I see
    Skin: Fairly White. She has a Chinese blood. Was told that her mother is a PRC.
    Body: 9/10 – Slim & Petite Model Shape figure & Tall..I could say she has a perfect figure
    Boobs: 8.5/10 – 32A with dark small nipples..I really liked her small boobs
    Pussy: 8.5/10 - Well-trimmed pussy…
    Ass: 9/10 – Curvaceous & Solid Ass….Extremely enjoyed grabbing her ass during doggy
    Massage: 6.5/10 – Only piano touches
    CB: 8/10 - Great tongue twisting on my nips
    B2B: none
    BBBJ: 8.5/10 – Her ‘Hot Water BBBJ’ really was great!
    DFK: Didn’t intend to….
    Daty: Didn't do
    Fingering: 8.5/10 - Pussy easily wet when tickled her clit...
    FJ: 10/10 - Pounded her in 2 positions...CG & then finished her off with Doggy…I really loved pounding her doggystyle…She moan like hell!!....She couldn’t take the poundings from behind..My poundings!
    GFE: 9/10 - Good GFE and she’s the only popiah that I’ve met who conversed only in English eventhough not a very good one…Intermediate level of english
    Overall: 9.5/10 – This popiah is the best if you bonk her doggystyle….Try it and you will understand I mean….
    WIR: Yes..Of course...Can't seem to have enough of her tight pussy
    Damage: RM138 - Excellent experience at a very reasonable price!

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