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    "Blacklisted, Liar OKT's & Fake FL" (Orh Kui Tao, FreeLancers)

    This thread is meant for all FL, agent and member who are interested in contacting FL through this forum.

    There are cases or incidents when member that make booking but never turn out. However, they have done it intentionally, they have their reasons due to some unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it can be solve. We also got to be fair to the ladies as well as the agent on the time, effort, money spent in fixing out the booking. Some time because of all this, FL lost some business from serious bonksters who really want their service and agent may have to cover their girls cab fare from their own pocket.
    Therefore this thread for us to alert and warn all FL and agent as well as people in the forums regarding this matter. Hopefully, it will minimize this kind of matter from happening.

    Kindly share if you encounter similar incidents, please provide the name, nickname and contact number of blacklistee.
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