You may see a lot of short-terms used in FRs which may have you struck back thinking, what all these terms mean...

I put a short list! Read it, remember it. Include it in your FRs too!

Hereís a quick and short guide of acronyms used on FRs in the forum:

AIRCON = BBBJ + Hacks (The Mints Sweet). Scenario: When the masseuse will ask: ďWant Aircon?Ē and if yes she pop one hacks sweet into her mouth and start blowing.

AJ: Anal Job (Penetration of the arsehole)

Ang Mo: Caucasian (Hokkien Slangg that means Caucasian)

Ang Pai: Police (Hokkien Slangg that means Police normally wearing plain cloths)

ASAP: As-Soon-As-Possible

AR: Arse/Ass Rimming (Licking of the arsehole)

BF: Boyfriend

BGR: Boy-Girl-Relationship

BJ: Blow Job (Usually means itís done with a condom)

BBBJ: Bare Back Blow Job (Meaning itís done without a condom)

BBBBBJ: Body Bath Bare Back (Meaning barrel blow job)

BS: Body Scrub

BL: Body Lick

BTW: By-The-Way

CBJ: Condom Blow Job

Chio Bu: Pretty Girl (Hokkien Slangg meaning beautiful girl)

Cheong: Charge (Hokkien Slangg usually used for going out for party or some happening stuff.)

CFM: Come Fuck Me

CIM: Come-In-Mouth (Ejaculation sperm into the mouth)

COB: Come-On-Body (Ejaculation sperm onto the body)

COF: Come-On-Face (Ejaculation sperm onto the face)

CUM: Come (Ejaculation of sperm)

DS: Dog Style

EMA: Extra-Marital-Affairs (Affairs after marriage)

FJ: Fuck/Full Job

FL: Freelancer (Working lady not associated with any establishment or agent)

FR: Field Report

GF: Girlfriend

GFE: Girlfriend Experience (Usually associated with lots of French-kissing and Girlfriend-like attitude)

GND: Girl-Next-Door

GT: Gong Tao (Hokkien Slangg meaning, black magic)

HJ: Hand Job

IMHO: In-My-Humble-Opinion

KC: Kum Cheng (Hokkien Slang meaning, you like the girl so much, you develop feelings for her. Usually RTF will happen next)

Lao Jiao: Old Timer (Hokkien Slangg meaning elder, opposite of newbie)

LOS: Land of Smiles (Thailand)

LSB: Lap Sub Bar (Hokkien Slangg meaning dirty and low class bar)

MILF: Mum Iíd Like to Fuck (Attractive older women)

OKT: Orh Kui Tao (Hokkien Slang that means pimp/agent)

OMFIAMP: One-Manís-Food-Is-Another-Manís-Poison (Meaning ďOhm-FamĒ)

ONS: One Night Stand

OVN: Overnight

OL: Office Lady

Papaya Farm: Mook Kua Yuen (Cantonese Slangg meaning whore house / ayam farm)

PCC: Pa Chiu Cheng (Hokkien Slangg meaning masturbation)

PCN: Pui Chao Nua (Hokkien Slangg meaning fucked up and lousy service!)

PRC: Peopleís Republic of China

PDMM: Pei Du Mama (Chinese meaning PRCís study companion that come from China that are suppose to look after their Children who are studying. However, many of them provide sexual services for sideline)

RAW: Doing it without a condom

RTF: Return To Fuck (Means whether the Tom will see the lady again)

SOP: Standrad Operating Procedure (Usually bare minimum given by most ladies of the same category)

SYT: Sweet Young Thing

Tarma: Threesome!

TCSS: Talk-Cock-Sing-Song

Tirak: Darling

Tua Ki: Big, Long and Enormous (Hokkien Slangg meaning big, long and enormous. Sometimes refer to Big Dick)

Tua Pai: Diva (Hokkien Slangg meaning diva but more with an attitude some arrogance)

TN Shop: Message or Reflexology (Chinese manipulative therapy that is often used in conjunction with acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbalism and qigong. TN Shops operated by PRCís are suppose to provide these services, not being the crooks out there providing Fuck Shops! Thatís Asian Values

TG: Thai Girl

TSG: Transgender

WIR: Would I Recommend

WOA: Word of Advice

WTF: What The Fuck

WL: Working Lady (Service Providers)

Za Bor: Female (Women)

Zao Kng: Exposing (Hokkien Slangg meaning unaware exposure of undies/undergarment)