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    GL scene (Lor6, hse 66)

    Juz wanna share wif bros out there on my frequent romps to my fav hse in GL..Knew the OKT for sometime, very friendly and always recommends quality gals for me...went there abt 3 weeks ago and told the OKT to get me a gal, here it goes:


    Body: 7/10, ard 1.6m tall, B or C cup
    BJ : 8/10, no rush at all
    Painting: 6/10, quite ticklish, maybe I am not a fan of painting
    RTF: highly likely

    The plus point abt thing about G21 is she's very obliging. Tried all sorts of positions. She is a bit dark in skin though… During Fj I feel like COB with her to fulfill my ganguro fetish. Hehe, Maybe next time lah…

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    Hope to see more Field Reports from 666



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