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    Massage Parlour with Excellent Service & Gorgeous Girl In Selangor

    All bros here should check out the best MP in Sri Sentosa, Jalan Klang Lama that i've been to so far. It's another MP that offers the 'One of the kind' service. Here are the details:

    MP Name: Miyako Playground MP
    Address: L2-25, No.37, Jalan 8A/133, Taman Sri Sentosa, Jalan Klang Lama,
    58000 Kuala Lumpur.
    Contact: +6018-244 8266 (Captain - Alen)
    Stock: 4 Popiah & 1 PRC...1 BAKSO & 1 TY will arrive in a week's time.
    Damage: RM93 - Massage+B2B+HJ+BBBJ+Jacuzzi/Steam bath(Body scrubs together with ML) - Popiah
    RM113 - Massage+B2B+HJ+BBBJ+CIM+Jacuzzi/Steam bath(Body scrubs together with ML) - PRC
    RM143 - Massage+B2B+HJ+BBBJ+FJ
    RM108 - Fast Car..No Massage. Straightaway FJ
    Cleanliness: Very Cleaned & Cozy
    Remarks: - Their Jacuzzi services are just superb! The ML will bath together before & after the massage/FJ where she will scrubbed your
    - body, bathed you from top till toe..The best service i ever had so far!
    - Very friendly & customer-oriented Girls & Captain
    - However, if you opted for the Jacuzzi service, you need a prior booking cos currently got only 1 Jacuzzi & 1 Steam
    bath...They are in the process of expanding & adding up 4 -5 more Jacuzzi..
    - The ML stocks are generally Pretty & Gorgeous. 8-9 WLs are currently working...But the prettiest so far is the 1 PRC ML & 1 Vietnamese MLs which is damned Hot, Horny
    & High GFE. They are also friendly all the way through the whole sessions.
    Locations: This MP is on the 2nd floor of a Food court/shop houses complex in Sri Sentosa. You can only find the exact location if you see a big Bali Touch Reflexology. The MP can be recognized by the Red Blinking 'OPEN' LED Signboard above the entrance

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    First Field Report of this MP

    This happened about 4 months ago when this MP first opened..It happened one night after work, i was sending one of my cabin crew home where she stays in sri sentosa, jalan klang lama. So after dropping her off, when i was heading out, i passed by a rows of 'Pasar Malam'...so i decided to stop for awhile to grabbed something to eat since i saw a lot of foods selling at the pasar malam...While walking along the 'gerai' at the pasar malam, i suddenly remembered i read in other forum about an MP named Miyako Playground in sri sentosa but i have no idea where it was...So, curious & eager (like they say...curiosity kills the cat!)...i walked around the sri sentosa shoplots area when suddenly i saw, a big signboad on the Food court complex written Bali Touch Reflexology..Then again i remembered that some bro, mentioned that this Miyako Playground is still haven't put up their signboard and to find it, you'll need to find this Bali Touch signboard...So i looked up on the second floor, ans saw a red blinking LED 'OPEN' signage above a tinted glass door. So assuming that it might be it, i went up and pressed the bell..A guy who i assumed is the OKT opened the door..He welcomed me in and was really really friendly and welcoming. He told me that they just opened 1 week ago and are having a promotion. RM78 all in for popiah & RM88 all in for PRC. He didn't mentioned FJ to me at all...Then he told me currently they have 4 popiah & 1 PRC...2 of the popiah went to buy some food, 1 is working at the time and so he showed me 1 popiah who is available...She looked ok just a bit plumped..So i asked the OKT if he has some other ML...He said yes, i PRC i coming out..Then suddenly, a gorgeous, slim, petite & sexy PRC clad in a black see-through dress walked out and smiled..She was seriously beautiful!...Very rare i see a gorgeous PRC and she was the one..The OKT told me, her services & GFE is very good...So i decided to give it a try.

    So after 5 mins of waiting she came out and took me by the hand and escorted me in and straight into a room..She was really friendly & happy to have me...You felt that she really welcomed to service me..When we got into the room, right in front of the entrance was a medium size jacuzzi tub and to the right was the Matress and pillow..The room & the jacuzzi looked really cleaned..maybe because it was only 1 week...The room was cooling as the aircond was on...Then the ML told me to sit on the mattress beside her then she gave me a nice hugs...I impressed with her treatments despite language barrier...She then told me to loose all my clothes for a shower in the Jacuzzi...Hmm...interesting..She then switched on both the pipes and filled up the jacuzzi with warm water...She then told me to get in while she got undress. Soon she was naked and she too jumped into the jacuzzi...She then showers me using the sprinkler and cleaned me up..While putting soaps all over my body and didi, she went naughty for a bit when she grabbed my didi and laughed...I was surprised cos ididn't expect it....Looking at her naked body, already triggers my 'Horny Button'...He body was slim, petite, her boobs was the perfect size for me and her pussy was cleaned shaved! Voila!!!!! This is the first PRC that i seen who actually cleaned shaved her pussy...That got me even excited...Then her smile, made her looked so damned pretty..i was blowned away for a bit by her beauty...In my heart, i kept saying she's something...definitely she's something else....She kept smilling at me...So after done we got out and dry ourselves up...and i laid down on the mattress...She then switch the tubs off and came sit beside me...She then asked me using sign language if i wanna a fuck?...Maybe she thought i didn't get her the first time...she then touched my didi and pointed at her pussy....I said YESSSSS!...of course! with a 'Very Rare' pussy like that, who wouldn't? Are you nuts?...i then asked her how much will it be? she then said RM50...i said OKAY right away which made her very happy and all jumpy....She then went out to get the CD i supposed..and when she came back, she was still in her joyous mood...she then began licking and sucking me all over...Then when she got to my didi, she turned her body around and had he ass towards me...HELL YEAH!!!! she wanted me to lick her pussy!!!! with her cleaned shaved pussy...OF COURSE BABY!!! Let me show you who's the real Chris Brown is!!!!....so i started licking her pussy like no one business....she liked it and she moaned as loud as she could....Damned! her pussy smells nice! That made me licked her pussy even more dipper until she couldn't stand it anymore...While i was licking her, she quickly grabbed the CD and capped me using her mouth...She was shivering at the time...She wanted to fuck so much...she quickly reversed cowgirl me...and began moving back and forth...I then retaliated by getting up to doggy position and started banging her doggystyle....

    She was amazingly wet by now and demanding for more...I kept on pumping her from behind until i finally came...Even after i shot my loads, she still wanted some more....she kept on asking my to pumped her more...She just wouldn't let my didi out...she just want to feel me inside of her...i could feel her shivering as well...I think she too came right after me...Then we both just laid beside each other for awhile...This time she DFK-ed me...WOW!...This is getting better and better...After we FK for sometime, she said let's go for shower...She got up and switching bot the tabs up and switched on the Jacuzzi! Now the Jacuzzi's motor are running like an EVO XI Turbo Engine on Idle.. Walauweh!!!!! It's Jacuzzi time! After the water has filled up she told me surprisingly in malay...'Mandi!'...Upon hearing this..i wasted no time at all and jumped into the warmed & nice water with the jacuzzi bubbles running made things even more relaxing....She told me to put my head on the soft rubber part of the jacuzzi and told me to leaned back and relax...She then climbed on top of me where she was actually sitting on my didi facing me and started to body scrubbed me using her scrubbing glove...She scrubbed all over my body, my didi, my hands and even my feet...Then she gave me the most soothing head massage...i almost felt asleep...while facing me and giving me a head massage, she DFK-ed me.....I was thinking to myself...This is the best night, best services & with best PRC ever!...I was hoping that it wouldn't have to end...she hugged me and kissed me a number of time while scrubbing me....Even my GF last time, never do this to me...Then it was over...Now we have to get up and dry ourselves up..Then i asked her name...She said Xiao Yen...then i asked her how old was she caused she looked really pretty...She said she's 31! I went like...NO!!!!! cannot be!! She said yes, 31! Holy mother of god! she's too pretty to be 31! oh my god! how did she maintained herself to looked so pretty....

    After dried up and got dressed....I gave her the RM50 that she deserved...she thanked me and hugged me...then she said..."I love you...Thank you'...i shocked...and replied i love you too back to her...She seemed happy..So after making sure i don't leave anything behind, we went out and she was still holding my hand....she told me to come for her again next time and make sure to call and booked her in advance...Definitely girl...Definitely i'll come for you again...So then we DFK for a bit and walked out towards the counter where i saw 3 young pretty ML sitting and eating...Owh hell! they are pretty as well...This MP is the bombed!!!
    Xiao Yen then served me a chinese tea and said thanks again then hugged me from behind....It just felt so nice when someone treated you this well...I then slipped RM30 tips onto her hand...Then I chit chat with the friendly OKT for awhile and before i left, he said thank you and actually we shook hands...Very rare you see this in an MP..In returned i promised him that i will spread the words about his MP...I left the MP with yet another enjoyable & satisfactory feelings and was on cloud 9...

    So bros, this MP is definitely a place to try as their services are just excellent plus their line-ups are very pretty indeed..So have a go at it bro! You'll understand what i've been talking about...Asta Menana!

    Name: Xiao Yen (no.31)...It is adviseable to book her before you come
    Age: 31
    Origin: Shenzhen
    Face: 10/10 - Damned Gorgeous! Don't believed? Have a look yourself...Too pretty to be a PRC perhaps
    Body: 9/10 - Slim & Petite...I love her body
    Skin: 9/10 - Smooth skin just compliments her body & looks
    Boobs: 9/10 - Medium size but the perfect size for me
    Pussy: 10/10 - Her Golden asset...It's her most priceless treasure..Cleaned Shaved!!!! How often you see PRC with cleaned shaved pussy???!!!
    Massage: 8/10 - good. But her other services overshadowed her massages
    CIM: Didn't ask
    HJ: 9/10 - Excellent!
    BBBJ: 9/10 - Superbly done! Couldn't ask for more!
    CB: 9/10 - was all over me
    DATY: 10/10 - licking her cleaned shaved pussy was just something else!
    DFK: 9/10 - DFK like we are couple
    Jacuzzi Actions: 10/10 - She scrubbed me really well...More like a GF
    FJ: 10/10 - beyond descriptions. You've got to try it to know it!
    GFE: 10/10 - I've no more words to described
    Overall: 10/10 - A staggering full ratings...Other people may rates her lower but this is how i felt and this what i think deserved!
    WIR: HELL YEAH!!!!! Definitely for her!!!!
    Damage: RM143

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    Second Field Report

    When to mIyako one afternoon looking for no. 31 but she wasn't available due to the time of the month....Then the only 3 girls working at the time...2 was taken and was serving their customer and only one was available....Terence, told her to served me a cup of chinese tea...She came out and served me and i looked at her..Pretty, nice body & quite tall popiah named Xiu Xiu...I was told that she's bro Coolguy's Gem....His favourite ML...Sorry bro...i tried your gem...and now i understand why you keep coming for her....she was good....and her GFE was superb!..You were right about her!...

    Her massage, was good...I guessed she has improved a lot..cos i was told she's a fast learner and she worked hard to improve her massage techniques....those bros who tried her, maybe could try her again cos i believed she has improved a lot...But that's beside what i wanna talked about her....

    Her GFE was superb...Really high GFE...She will make your heart melt....She treated me just like her BF....very polite, sweet, made me feel special to her and surely bonking her was like 'an icing on a cake'.....I really enjoyed my time with her...after no.31, Xiao Yen...so sweet....with sweet smile and great body....She loves to DFK....DFK-ing me most of the time....and when she wasn't...she kissed my cheek, neck and even my forehead...I really enjoyed her services....She's also quite tight and the FJ session, was more like 'Making Love' than a normal sex....I enjoyed her smile....and definitely her DFK.....This ML could well soon be on of the top ML at Miyako....I strongly recommended her....try her....for those who like GFE. then she's the girl to pick....Very high GFE.....

    Bro Cool Guy, i definitely agrees with you about her....could soon become a very rare gem.....

    name:Xiu Xiu
    Face: 8/10 - Pretty & cute. Her smile will melt you away
    Boobs: 8/10 - 32B i guessed. I'm not a boob expert
    Massage: 8/10 - good. I like it...Has improved a lot i guessed...It's true what bro Kobe said: 'she worked very hard and very sincere with her massage'...This is her PLUS++ point..
    B2B: 9/10 - excellent!
    BBBJ: 10/10 - Now this is what brings up her name...She's an expert in this field...Her BBBJ was extremely superb!...Very rare to encounter this kind of ML who gives this kind of excellent BBBJ....Superbly licking of my rod, ball & helmet...deep swallow...extremely excellent tongue play & techniques, slow & sensual BBBJ, could well makes anyone cum just by her BBBJ skills....I rarely meet this kind of Great BBBJ expert....Try it! and you'll know what i mean..
    DATY: 9/10 - very arousing DATY session
    HJ: 6/10 - She works best with her tongue and mouth..So HJ is not in the main menu
    DFK: 9/10 - she loved to kiss...DFK-ed me whenever she got....She loves to kiss and to be kissed
    FJ: 9/10 - Fantastic! With her tight pussy and sensual and passionate FJ session...i was enjoying it to the fullest
    GFE: 10/10 - bro Kobe is spot on! her GFE was more than a real GF would give us sometimes....
    Rush: No rush at all. She even laid down beside and had her head rested on me while hugging & holding each other;'s hand
    WIR: Well of course!...Why wouldn't I
    Overall: 10/10 - to her credit...points given more on her efforts and sincerity in pleasing her customer....full points for her excellent GFE...

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    Third Field Report

    One very late morning...(4.30am) i with the company of what i called the 'Terror Squad' or 'Fantastic 4', bro akabane, bro PPD & bro dwky65...was at Miyako since 11pm...with intentions to finally try Callysta....the 'talk of the town' Indonesian ML...was mirrored a couple of times and introduced once....Been recommended to try her almost everyday by Terrence...but never got the chance and never got the guts after was told by the 'living witnesses' about here magnificent services...Until yesterday i finally decided to and was not aware
    of what is actually heading my way....Actually the original plan was i was to try Callysta that night at around 10.30pm..an arrangement made by the kind & respected boss...I was told by Terrence that the boss had personally made the arrangements to be transported to Miyako from Mizuku last night without me knowing...During my initial contact with terrence, when asked about her location, was told that she was there at miyako already...my initial plane was if she was in mizuku, i was willing to look for her there...but was told that she already in miyako...made it even better....Little that i know Callysta was not even there in Miyako and only been transported to Miyako after the initial phone conversation...So as already arranged, i reached Miyako's doorstep at around 10.30pm...and was greeted in by Terrence...Miyako was unusually quiet at the time with no customers and all the MLs were seen relaxing in their cubicles....not much activity in Miyako at the time...except that no.26 was seen to be sitting outside the door of Miyako with an angry or furious looks on her face...isn't she supposed to leave KL for Vietnam early in the afternoon? Right then i began to sensed something was just not right....Wanted to say hello to her...but after i finally coming to term with what had actually going on...i decided to just skipped it and settled myself to the sofa...Terrence then called for Callysta and not long after that, came Callysta and was asking where is the guy?....Terrence happily pointed at me...Callysta greeted me with a smile and a hug before proceeded to the room with jacuzzi....

    Right then i told my self...on no..not the jacuzzi again?...Then told Callysta to just skipped the Jacuzzi as i was not in the mood for jacuzzi....She happily agreed...After undressed ourselves, we both proceeded and climbed into the jacuzzi for the normal nozzle shower...Callysta cleaned my body and didi for abit...applied some soap and when she was putting the soap around my back...she came really closed to me..in fact she pushed herself against me so tight that her humungous pair of boobs was actually pressing against my chest..The soft & firm feelings of her huge boobs on my skin was so unbareable...She realised it and was pressing it against me even more....By this point, i was a bit triggered and my didi slowly began to arised.....After washing away all the soap off my body, she began to play with my didi and stroking it with her sensual touches...Her stroking techniques was also excellent...Then she told me to move closer to her as she sat on the edge of the jacuzzi and i was standing right in front of her....she strokes my didi with sensual touches...i remembered i was talking to myself, how expert she was and she just now how to pleased a man....Then out of a sudden...beyond my imagination, she swallowed my whole rod into her mouth....Then she began to BBBJ me with superb techniques...Never have i come across the so skilled BBBJ before in my life...Her deed suctions,....scintilating licks and the all time favs deepthroats immediately sent shivers downed my whole body.....Acoompanied by her sensual moanings while doing the BBBJ was to good to be true and i was straring upwards facing the ceilings with both eyes closed and the feelings of SEXJoy spreaded throughout my body...I just couldn't believe what i was experiencing...the experienced normally depicted in the porn is actually 'hard-to-believe' was what i was enjoying at the time....She sucked like a pornstar... with ball licking & suckings.....rod licking.....helmet swallowing and deepthroat to add more sensual to it.....I was enjoying getting the BBBJ and she was also enjoying giving it....This chick really was something...one in a million encounter...very rare and hard to find gem...If you are looking for a FULL ACTION PACKED FJ SESSION….than she’s the ONE!....But if you are the SLOW & STEADY MAKE LOVE ALIKE type of FJ session..then I advice you not to even get yourself involve…She may kill you instantly! Hahahahaha…..

    Then she told me to lie down on the mattress….then she asked me do I want a massage?...DO I WANT A MASSAGE? AFTER WHAT YOU DID JUST NOW?????....Fuck the massage! Let’s get in ON baby!...i said…Then she crawled towards me or more accurate….my didi…This time she turned her ass towards me…revealing her wet juicy pussy to me…I told her to move back towards me a little so that her pussy will be inch closed to my face…Damned! Her pussy smells nice!...She might have applied some fragrants….Plus if without the fragrants, her pussy have no smell…That turned me on even more…So I began to licked and sucked her pussy like a pornstar too…If she can be a pornstar…I can too!...So I licked and sucked her clit and once a while sticked my tongue into her soaking wet pussy…..She moaned like god know what…We were in the 69 position actions for quite a while…Man I love this girl! She loved Foreplay and that’s I like most…..The long Foreplay is my favs….Don’t go straight for FJ unless you have a train to catch…If you don’t, take your time with her….do the foreplay longer…I’m sure this girl will give you a good steamy time…Then she jerked a couple of time…That’s the indications that I have actually scored a goal! She came a couple of time when I DATY her!....BULLEYE!!...I have indeed made her CUM a couple of time…

    Then comes the time we both can’t hold it no more….We both begged for an FJ…So she turned facing towards me…slide in the CD and began a cowgirl ride….She too have the GOYANG GERUDI SPECIAL like the legendary NITA the BAKSO….Some of you may know what I’m talking about…Damned I love the goyang gerudi….i will make any men cum faster than they think….I almost too..but immediately asked her for doggystyle finish…She place herself for doggy….I moved behind her…Then slowly slide my seconds to explode didi into her soaking wet pussy…and began to throttle in and out…She told me to pump her harder….i raised my right knee up for a deeper penetrations and began to pumped hard…she moaned even louder…Then she grabbed my knee with her righthand….controlling the pace with her hand….pulling my knee towards her means controlling the pace….I controlled the deep penetrations……as I pumped her so hard she moaned lounder…until I finally shot my load…I could feel that it will be damned a lot of cum…..i slumped on her back catching my breath..her jerked violently…she too was catching her breath….She too had came together with me…Simultaneously..She told me she came a couple of times…never I managed to make an ML cum a couple of times…mostly once…but she came 4 freaking time!!!!! Can you fucking imagine that chico????!!!

    So I got up and lay beside her…But she climbed on top of me and slide my still hardened didi into her soaking flooding pussy…Then she did her specials….Never I encounter this before….but with my didi inside of her…she ‘Kemut’ a couple of times….The feeling of my didi like being massage was so fucking nice that I allowed her to do…They feeling of my didi was being squeezed tightly…was the best ever grand finale to a wild actions……We hugged and kissed for awhile before noticing the time has indeed way passed the session’s time…1 and half hour!...So we shower got dressed…DFK each other for the last….and walked out holding hands…only to find that a number of DPF bros were sitting out in the hall….bro Akabane, Nimitz, Iron7, PPD and Dwky65 were all there…As I walked into the lounge area…they all were staring at me…everyone in the lounge seemed to be staring at me…Their faces quickly turned to confused looks…bro Akabane then asked me…’What happened? Why you looked pale?’……I replied…’What? Really?...Damned!!!’…Then he asked some more…’So how was it bro?’…….i replied…’Damned bro! it was out of this world! I couldn’t breath half way…It was super excellent…I swear bro…that I’ve never encountered this kind of wild & crazy actions before!’……They all were surprised to hear this…’Really?????’ they went at the same time…..i just said to them…’Go check it for yourself!’.. And that’s how bro Akabane, bro dwky65 & our hero bro PPD ended up with a session each with the amazing Callysta…..

    Name: Callysta

    Age:23 going 24 in January
    Origin: Bandung
    Face: 8/10 – quite pretty for me..Her horny looks what make me crazy
    Body: 7/10 – proportional…
    Boobs: 10/10 – her golden asset..Even as not a boobs lover, I really loved her 36D pair of boobs
    Ass: 9/10 – really nice when banging her doggystyle.
    Skin: 9/10 – tanned..but that makes her looks sexy
    Pussy: 10/10 – nice smell….excellent pussy feeling
    DFK: 10/10 – we DFK almost like 100 times???
    CB: All over my body..not an inch was overlooked
    HJ: 9/10 – very sensual
    BBBJ: 10/10 + 5 Gold Stars – These girl was the best ‘Cock-Sucker’ in the century!.. BBBJ-ed me while I was standing, sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi & while 69…Walauwei!!!
    DATY: 9/10 – loved it
    Anal: No
    CIM: No
    FJ: 10/10 – I have no more words to described
    WIR: definitely YES!!!!...Maybe soon….maybe this one or two days!!!...maybe today???
    Overall: 20/10 – don’t believe it????...You better believe it!!!!! Or Go Try It Yourself!!!!

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    Fourth Field Report

    This is my overdue FR on Ana, No. 12. I tried her after i tried Xiu Xiu, no. 38 and before the arrival of Callysta...Overall she's not a bad girl...Playful and really fair skinned girl....Quite pretty and session with her was just S.O.P...There wasn't any chemistry between us as we didn't quite click with each other...Still Recommend other bros to try her if you like small, fair skin & playful type..

    Name: Ana (no. 12)
    Race: Viet
    Age : 24
    Face : 8/10
    Body : 7/10 - small & fair skin..but Xiu Xiu is better
    Skin: Quite fair for a popiah
    Boobs : 7/10
    DFK : Yes
    BBBJ : 7/10 - so and so
    Pussy: 7/10 - not bad
    DATY: no
    Fingering: no
    FJ : 7.5/10 - bolehlah....
    Massage : 8/10 - quite a strong hands
    HJ : 7/10
    CB : 7/10 - well...ok lah
    CIM : No
    AR : no
    Rush : No
    Moan: soft moans
    GFE: 4/10 - didn't click at all unlike the others...Maybe she prefers handsome guys
    Damage : RM 123
    WIR : I'm a regular.
    Overall : 7/10

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    Fifth Field Report

    Feeling really 'kesian' of her, after allowing her to take a rest for about 15-20mins, then i asked OKT Ah Loon and Terrence if she's alright to work and they said yes...and called for her... And when she came out to found out i was going to be her customer, she went ll happy and delighted..was throwing a sweet smile at me..Ahh...that's more like it!!! She took me by the hand and escorted me to the room with the Jacuzzi...We settled down and while we were getting undress, i asked her whether she was alright. Right then she immediately hugged me tightly...I held her closed to me..i could feel mshe was still shaken up by the ordeal she had earlier on...She was traumatised...I just hugged her closed tom e and told her to calm down and relax...everything is fine now....We were hugging each other for a while in the room...i wasn’t gonna let her go..not until she calmed down...The when she was finally okay, she looked up to me...i told her next time to refused serving that ‘old jalopy’...she has the rights to refused anyone that she think would harm her...She just nodded yes and kissed me on my lips...more to a french kiss to me....From that moment on...everything was just a ‘Sweet Love Song’....Suddenly she was in happy & joyful mood...playful and naughty...Now i could see that she’s good to go...We headed for the jacuzzi but i wasn’t up for the jacuzzi actions and told her just a normal wash ups...While washing up she already started being naughty....grabbing and stroking my didi a couple of times with a cheeky smile on her face...then she sucked my nips a couple of timeand ends it again with a cute smile on her face...

    Then i jumped on the mattress for the next level....I laid face down with my back facing up...She wiped me dry and then climbed on top and sat on me....She started massaging me...and her massage was good...enough pressure applied on the vital pressure point...then she stopped and began kissing my neck and cheek...she did that a couple of times...I reacted by turning back and returned her kisses...We were DFK-ing at some point...Then continue the massage.....throughout the entire massage times..she will paused a couple of times and kissed and DFK me....She kissed me more than she massage me..which i enjoyed it very much...This pretty girl loved to kiss...Then she B2B me....with her boobs rubbing against my back and her breathing down my neck..was very arousing...my didibegan to ‘negaraku’...she then grabbed my didi a couple of times and realized that i was starting to get an erections...Then she slapped me ass and told me to flip over...The moment i flipped over..she went straight for my lips...we were DFK-ing like a couple in love...I really enjoyed DFK-ing her...she’s a good kisser..excellent tongue play with a deep kissed...By this time her hands was already holding and stroking my didi and i was in a full erection mode...just waiting for the power bar to go maximum...She then licked and sucked my nipps...Then it was time for stage 3...She moved down and started BBBJ me....Her BBBJ was so sensual....damned good blow job.....accompanied with deepthroat and licking and sucking my didi plus balls sucking which was excellent....i undoubtedly announced her another queen of BBBJ...tremendously well....

    Then it was time to repay what she did...told her to moved her hips towards me revealing a well trimmed, no smell and iinviting pussy...We were in a 69 position....I began to sucked her clit and licking her pussy..Her pussy tasted so good...no smell at all...I licked her like a pornstar...She was enjoying it and turned on by it...She began to moaned loud. The more licked her..the mores he deepthroat me....I licked her even more and sucked her clit...She moaned even louder and deepthroat me even more...We both were enjoying doing each other and was so aroused by each other actions...Then while i was licking and sucking her clit, suddenly i could feel her body began to cramped...then suddenly jerked couple of times accompanied with loud moans....Right then i knew she had cum...and her love juice was all over me now and i found it so arousing...She slumped on my didi with her body still jerked non-stop....She lost out of breath ...Then after reagining her breath..she got up turned tom e and started DFK-ing each other again....Then she moved down again and started BBBJ me again...I ordered her for the 69 position again and do her again until she came for the second time...2nd consecutive time!....This went on and on for another 1 round which she came for the third time..I realized by then that i’m crusing to victory...a handsome victory...She too almost made me cum while giving me the BBBJ...
    Then we both couldn’t hold it no more..we were wanting for it so much...She then capped me and was on top of me......riding me cowgirl....She then pulled me up closed to her and we DFK-ed each other passionately...Her pussy felt so freaking nice....soaking wet and tight just made it feels out of this world...Then i laid her down on her back lifted both her legs and put it on both my shoulder and started stroking her pussy...Pumping her in this postion gave me the full and deeper penetrations of her pussy...She loved me and was so turned on and her moans gets louder...I increased my throttle...penetrating her deeper....her moans gets louder than before....I was in the brink of a mass cement sprayings and her body suddenly began to crammed again...Then the jerkings happened again and i finally shot my load out and she came simultaneously....We both came together and she grabbed my neck and pulled me tighter towards her...i hugged her tight...her was hugging me even tighter and was moaning in delight...we both just collapsed on each other catching our breath backl again...She was still hugging me tightly and i got up and we DFK-ed each other in satisfactions....After the long DFK...with tongue twisting and saliva exchanging...i fuinally got up and she uncapped me and wiped my didi with wet tissues....After that she just laid down on top of me with her hand still playing and stroking my didi...We DFK again...until time for shower...we showered together..we cleaned my didi throroughly and then suddenly began to BBBJ me....i could tell she wanted more...she couldn’t stop...She had allready cum 4 times and she still wants it? Man...she’s really a horny girl or perhaps????...I would do her some more but i’m out of energy...maybe if i rest for awhile i could do her again...but i’m out of breath....After the shower while we both were getting dress..she still slipped her hand into my boxer and stroking my didi....then sucked my nipps...Then after i wore my boxer and was putting on my pants..again she put her hands into my pants and grabbed my didi..She really wanted more....but i’m sorry baby...maybe next time...i’m KOed already...After done we DFK-ed for final time and hugged each other tight....Then we both headed out holding hands....She then served me with hot tea...

    The next guy who takes her definitely will bge a lucky guy and is in for a hot actions as she was turned on so much and wanted more...she couldn’t get enough of it...even after i made her cum for 4 times!!!...4 bloody time!!!! A record for me....Despite all of that..i had a very steamy and enjoyable times with her....Her charmings and pretty looks could just kill any guy who with her...I’m just confused how could anyone do rough to a pretty, sweet and charming girl like her...to the guy who did rough to her: Bro, if you wanna bonk her like animal....and treat her like animal...GO TO ZOO NEGARA LOR!!!...There got plenty of animal for you to utilised!!....You can bonk like animal and may also ends up being their ‘Happy Meal’ of the day!....Eventhough she works in this line...and you pay money...but there’s no reason for you to treat like animal!..She still a human!...treat her like a human!...You think your money is worth to her??? Not a single penny chico!!! There will come a time where all of the ML refused you than you know....That time there will be no more place for you to go...except for a FUN TRIP TO ZOO NEGARA!... ‘DO YOU UNDERSTAND A SINGLE WORD THAT COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH????’..

    Name: Ah Zen (No. 20)
    Age: 23
    Origin: Popiah
    Face: 9/10 – pretty, sweet & loved to smile
    Body: 9/10 – slim & petite boy
    Skin: 9/10 – smooth skin
    Boobs: 9/10 – not big and not to small...the right size for me
    Pussy: 10/10 – one of the kind well trimmed popiah’s pussy i’ve encountered..no smell at all..tight
    Ass: 9/10 – nice for doggy but i didn’t get to
    DFK: 10/10 – this girl loved to DFK...if you treat her nice..she will treat you twice nicer!
    CB: 9/10 – very nice exploration
    DATY: 10/10 – my favs part...She loved being licked...I made her cum for 3 times during this...69 positioned.
    HJ: 8/10 – Good...
    Anal: nope..i don’t think she’ll do this
    CIM: nope...also don’t think she’ll do it too
    BBBJ: 10/10 – another BBBJ Queen after Callysta...Skills are much similar..just that Callysta did it wilder
    FJ: 10/10 – I’ve no words left to describe
    GFE: 10/10 – the best GFE treatments do far...After i calmed her downed....she just threw herself to me...like i said..you treat her nice...she will treat you twice nicer!!...Kapish???
    Overall: 10/10 – another ML shot herself up through the ranking
    WIR: Definitely yes and yes too for her
    Remarks: This girl is special...her gracious polite behaviour aren’t something you should take advantage off...Treat her nice...And you are in for a surprised...gorgeous popiah with excellent GFE...That’s why she has so many fiollowers from TTDI....They came all the way for her...You should experienced what this guys, including me have been experiencing...try it...

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    Sixth Field Report

    This happened awhile ago...it was quite s tiring night as work earlier of the day has drained out my energy a lot. Terrence Upon seeing me in a tired face suggested that i should go in for a good body massage. He recommended that i should give Bobo, the excellent messeuse....since i wasn't up for an FJ...he told me Bobo is the one...as she provides CIM services...So i agreed...when in with expectations of excellent massage...it didn't disappoint me at all...in fact i was impressed by her superb massaging skills...never i tried a superb massage before...bobo lived up to the expectations and her massaging techniques was 'one of the kind' massage...eventhough she holds the 'best messeuse' in miyako, it didn't poisoned her at all as she even ungreedily shares her skills with other girls and this has resulted in the improvements of some of the girls massaging skills....Her BBBJ and CIM was so overwhelming and superbly done...i have no complaint on this and she still has plenty of room more for improvements....if you are looking for just a CIM services...then bobo is certainly the ML that you should go for.....

    Name: Bobo (no.21)
    Age: 22
    Origin: Popiah
    Face: 8/10 - cute & naughty face
    Body: 8/10 - Solid & petite body
    Boobs: 8/10 - 36D
    Ass: 8/10 - curvaceous
    Pussy: 9/10 - no smell...nice to lick.
    Skin: 7/10 - fair skin
    BBBJ: 10/10 - superb BBBJ with excellent techniques and ended with steamy
    DFK: none
    CB: 7/10 - very arousing
    DATY: 9/10 - i really licked & sucked her clit well...resulted in her loud moan
    CIM: 10/10 - superb
    GFE: 9/10 - really treats you like her BF
    OVERALL: 10/10 - for her massage and 10/10 for her CIM
    WIR: definitely
    Damage: RM113

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    Seventh Field Report

    Since my recent returned to the scene at Miyako & Micasa has given me the Greatest Sextifactions of all time in 2 quick sessions...Today afternoon i went to Miyako on a mission to try their seductive looking SYT, no. 28 which i have been eyeing since Sunday...As i visited Miyako last night to meet up with a bro there (we've been in contact and planned to meet but never had the chance to....) But last night was the only chance...so i went i met him there...We 'lepak' for quite awhile last night and a couple of times, no.28 walked passed me during the mirror-ing...and gave me this seductived looks each time which had got me interested with her...But last night i wasn't in the mood for an actions, so i just let it swept away...But not my growing interest on her...Before we left Miyako, i told Alen that i want to try her tomorrow and i got my wish today...

    Walked in Miyako at exactly 3.15pm as i had called and booked her earlier on for a 3.30pm session..couple of customers there and i met one bro which i forgotten hus name as he was making his way out...One customer had already selected Ah Chen, no.20 and waiting to be served while another 3 custo are still deciding among them which is which...Alen then signalled to me asking whether i am ready to go in as she was waiting for me...but i told him i'll be ready in a minute as i just had my late lunch and was feeling full to the throat...So i sat on the sofa with a cigarette and continued listening and watching the 3 custos still in their deep discussion...Even after much help from Alen, they still find it hard to choose who they wanna go in with...

    After a few rounds of 'I take this one, u take that one'..they finally came to a decision and finally make their way into the 'dragon's lair' with their ML respectively...So i teased Alen saying all his girls are so good and made his customer 'Pusing kepala' to choose their partner to go in...After that things went back to normal quiet and relaxing moment...Xiao Mei, no. 23 was at the counter again...acting as a 'New Lady OKT' as me and Alen kept on teasing her saying the 'Yes Captain!', 'Ok Captain' & 'Baik Kapten' as she was busy keeping an entries on Miyako's record book...She seemed to be enjoying it...So Alen just let her be..After at least Alen had a better space to handle and talked to his customers...

    Then finally the time has come as i was extinguishing my cigarette, Alen asked if i'm ready and i told him...'Let's do this!'...So he went and called no.28 out..As she emerged from behind the glass door, i locked my view on her direction. When she finally at the glass door, i immediately attracted to her appearance. Seductived smile SYT in a Dark purple Knee-length dress waiting to escort me in...She held me by my arm and escorted me in and echoed behind was Alen telling me to have a good time..She leads me to the Steambath room which was already in a dimmed light set...The room became quite dark and we were making way blindly to settle down and get undress... She suddenly asked for my name in english..Well that's a good start..She speaks a little bit of english...Still distracted with the way the room was lit, it soon became hilarious to us as we both were depending on each other skill to find our way in the dark...We were giggling as i was trying to find the towels in the dark while she was laughing at me...We both were actually completely naked but seemed to not able to locate our towels...After realizing that it's getting ridiculous, I told her lit up the room a little bit.

    She started with a back massage..Her massage wasn’t something to shout about but there’s still room for improvements..She could be better with a good training and if trained by a good messeusse such as Bobo, no.21 (now in Micasa)..Her B2B was ok…Not too bad…These also could be better with a proper training…Here comes the best part..She started with a thorough and good cleaning of my ***hole…Then she laid down behind my ass .Then She lifted up my ass up till about her face level…Then she began licking my ***hole like no one business…She really licked it good…When I say licked it good….i mean damned good ‘Deep Ass Rimming’…..She really jabbed her tongue into my ***hole….Eventhough it felt ticklish but the way she dipped her tongue into my ***hole…was very arousing…It felt so damned good until I told her to stop cos I just couldn’t stand it no more…

    Then she positioned herself for 69 action…She began BBBJ me so hard…with balls licking, deepthroat & some deep swallowing of my rod….on the other hand I was DATY-ing her until we both so turned on and decided for the action…The FJ was good….Very good but not excellent…She could improve as well..Well you can’t get a girl who is good in everything now can you?...At least her ‘Deep Ass Rimming’ was out of this world…So guys, if you do go to Miyako, this ML is surely the one you should give a try….Try her!...You’ll understand what I just told you….

    Name: no. 28
    Age: 20 if i'm not mistaken
    Origin: Popiah
    Face: 8/10
    Body: 8/10
    Skin: 7/10 - Smooth
    Boobs: 7/10 -a bit saggy but that's alrite
    Ass: 7/10
    Deep Ass Rimming: 10/10 - Excellent!
    Pussy: 8/10 wet and hairy. no smell
    Massage: 7/10 not bad but plenty of room for improvement
    B2B: 8/10 good
    BBBJ: 8/10 excellent with balls licking & DT
    AR/Fingering: 8/10
    CIM: N/A
    GFE: 8/10 friendly
    Overall: 8/10
    WIR: Hell Yes!
    Damage: RM143

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