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    Reasonably priced fine dining restaurant

    Found this very cozy and classy ambience restaurant at Bukit Pasoh..Name of restaurant is "The Clan Restaurant"
    It is newly opened, barely a month..They serve modern European and Japanese cusine and is reasonably priced, I would say it is comparatively cheaper than most fine dining restaurants, probably 15-20 percent cheaper.

    Can give it a try cos I felt it was really worth the price for the good food and nice ambience..
    For those interested, the address is as follows:

    The Clan Restaurant
    No 18/20 Bukit Pasoh Road
    Singapore, Singapore 089832

    Currently they are having a promotional discount of 15% for the month of Jul. You can find out more details on this restaurant in their website and facebook page.

    So food lovers out there, dun miss this opportunity to savour their cuisine!

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    Yes, you should visit " The Clan Restaurant" at Bukit Pasoh. They are really providing very nice services and comparatively cheaper. They are providing much better products in lesser cost as compare to other restaurants near by it. I have personally visit the restaurant and will suggest you also to check it out at least once.

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    Thanks for recommending this restaurant and will definitely try this on my tour to Singapore in August. Like to know their specialty to make my trip memorable...I hope i will get
    healthy food from there.
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