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    How to better Sex

    Keep it pretty

    First things first, it's impossible to have great sex if you don't feel sexy, so treat yourself to a blowout or some new lingerie, whatever is needed to put the "va-va-voom" back into your step.
    Flirt with each other

    Make a habit of sending playful, sexy messages to him throughout the day. Make him salivate with anticipation by telling him what you're wearing and what you want to do to him later.
    Set the mood

    Don't underestimate the power of lighting a few candles. Make sure your bedroom is sexy and doesn't have toys littering it. And turn off the tv
    Just kiss

    Agree to place a ban on sex for a certain length of time and just kiss and focus on foreplay. Abstaining from sex has the added benefit of charging up both of your libidos.
    Surprise him

    Don't wear any underwear and let him find out.
    Watch an erotic film together

    It doesn't have to be porn for it to be sexy. Some favorites: Body Heat, Belle du Jour, Last Tango in Paris, Like Water for Chocolate.
    Play an adult game

    Check out Game night for couples and Games that lovers play for some naughty suggestions.

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    Hi Rhiannon,
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    Really impressed to see the things here helpful for lots of person.

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    Improve and have better sex by adjusting your sex according to her liking.

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    Thanks for this info. This content is really help full. I think Sex toys can also help us to do better sex.



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