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Thread: BERSIH Girls

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    BERSIH Girls


    When we say “Our escorts practice safe sex only” this might mean something very different from one person to another. This is no different with our high class escorts. Our escorts are trained how to practice safe sex but this includes many things. The most obvious being condoms. Yes, our escorts always use a condom for oral, vaginal and sex. But just using a condom is not enough. One needs to know just as much about how to use a condom as about when to use a condom. Our escorts are trained in both aspects.

    Our escorts practice safe sex only. This includes BJ. So no, our escorts do not offer BJ without protection. If this is a deal-breaker for you, we wish you all the best with an other escort service as we can not be of any assistance to you. Our escorts offer a Girlfriend Experience in Kuala Lumpur, not a red-light special.

    Our escorts are clean, and they like to keep it that way. It's for your own benefit too.

    If you're looking for a clean good weekend, call 016-375 2233 for bookings or visit Malaysia Angel Escort for more information

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    Thx for sharing bro

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