Bluffing is the essence and beauty of Poker and I donít know about you guys but I have been the victim of Bluffing several times. Not until last time when I lost around 2000$, I decided to do some research on how to catch a bluffer. This article will help you unleash the Sherlock inside you, so do give it a read because after reading this article your poker thinking would be changed forever.

Most commonly used technique is known as blockers, what happens in this technique is that you try to keep track of your opponentís card by memorizing the cards which they have already shown. Now one thing that must be kept in mind is that this is the most trivial technique and one has to have a very sharp memory in order to practice this technique. Experts suggest that one can easily catch 30% bluffers through this technique, but to achieve this threshold of 30% first you need to master the technique.

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Hand Strength:
Another commonly used technique is Hand Strength, this is more of a counter technique and you need to have very good cards in order to use this. What actually happens is that you counter bluff with your opponent and in this attempt you hope and pray that the opponent might get confused and in their confusion they make a hasty decision that will in turn benefit you.

Avoidance Practice:
If all the techniques fail and you have no way out, then you need to practice avoidance and try to get out of the awkward situation as soon as possible. In poker remember that you always need to be the smartest people on the table, if you are not then you are most certainly going to lose. So buckle up and sit tight because chances are that you will walk away with a lot of cash if you are smart.
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Always be the smartest person on the table:
On the other hand if you are not and plus you are unable to catch a bluff then you are in real trouble. There are people who have decades of experience in this game and still they lose to novice, what actually happens is that they think they would over smart their opponent, but instead they themselves are overdone by the neophytes. So donít over calculate things keep them simple and do not involve emotions, always leave you emotions outside the room. Champions of this game are mostly young people, but this doesnít mean that the beginners luck is important; in fact you need to work real hard in order to master several techniques of this game. If you happen to master some of the techniques, chances are that you will perform real well with the deck of cards, because at the end of the day, hard word pays off.