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    Poker is much harder than you really think

    Majority of the beginners and novices believe that poker is all about luck and a rather simple game, where you just need to shuffle the pack of cards and then lean back and pray, well if you fall in the category of these people then you might have to reconsider your thoughts after reading this article.

    It’s not all about sheer dumb luck:
    You need to be good at mathematics, if you are not then don’t even think of choosing this as a profession, because the truth is that poker is an ocean where the big players which are sharks are constantly on the hunt looking out for players that are not good at calculation. So don’t even think of jumping into this ocean if you’re not good at mathematics. You need to keep track of hands and if your mental mathematics should be top notch of you want to perform good at the table.
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    You need to Study hard:
    Yes, you need to become a book worm if you want to become the best in the business, as like any other field you need to study the techniques and the styles. It’s not just glittering money anywhere; you need to work really hard to get your hands on to that money. Remember that everyone is evolving with each single clock tick and good players are the ones who constantly keep themselves updated. You need to practice sometimes for 12 hours straight in order to master a new technique and move, bluffing is the main art in poker and to master that you need to be super patient because that requires a lot of effort, time and reading about how to manipulate and play with opponent’s mind.
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    It’s a harsh game:
    Truth to be told is that you don’t always win in poker and the worst part is that you lose big time too. So be ready for the shock, if you can’t handle the loss then don’t enter the casino. All big poker players had even bigger hearts; they know how to react when they lose. Sometimes it happens that you get carried away because you are playing really well and the moment you say to yourself ‘O baby it’s my day’, the very next moment you lose all the hard earned money. So do look out for that and don’t ever get carried away. You need to be willing to walk away and if you don’t you would end up losing all the money that you earned. You must know when to pack up, because if you don’t you are never going to become a successful player.
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