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    Journey of Poker from 'game' to 'sport'

    Few decades back no one would have imagined that a simple card game would gain this amount of unprecedented popularity which poker has today. In this article we will try to dig out some reasons behind this immense fame and popularity of this freakish card game. So let’s check out the factors that attract people to the casinos and the websites which offer online poker.

    Live Telecasts:
    Poker was considered just another card game until a few years back, 2003 proved to be a game changer year for poker as the World Series of Poker was telecasted live or the first time in the history. Surprisingly even the channel authorities were shocked by the response, people literally loved it and that is the reason why nowadays a lot of sports channels are showing poker programs regularly.
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    Paradigm Shifter:
    These live telecasts of events and other poker related programs helped this game of yesterday to become a sport of today. People used to play poker as a leisure game but now things have changed and thanks to the extensive media marketing and coverage that this game is no longer reduced to people who play it for the sake of entertainment. Now people are choosing this as a career, yeah this might sound absurd to some people but it is true that young people in America are becoming professional poker players, and you are not going to believe this but they are generating some huge amount of bucks through this new sport.

    Money is a big Factor:
    The second of course and without a shadow of doubt is the charm of winning money that is involved in the sport. Winner of World Series of Poker literally becomes a millionaire in a day. People have gone nuts after poker and the number of viewers and visitors on online poker sites has increasing drastically. This all has happened in the past decade as after the 2003 WSP, things have changed and the poker pundits refer to the 2003 version of WSP as the paradigm shifter, and they are damn right when they say so.

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    Sky Rocketing Demand of Poker Gurus:
    Things started heating up after 2003 and now the popularity of the sport has reached its boiling point. With players coming from all over the world have just one dream in their eyes, they want to become the best and to prove their mettle they are spending ridiculous amounts of money on tutors and gurus who could help them become the next champion of WSP.

    No Stopping to this sport:
    This wild ride of Poker is not coming to an end any time sooner, that thing is for sure as looking at the current participation fee of WSP, which is a whopping 10,000 $ and then looking at the long list of participants, one can only say that people are crazy about this sport and love it.
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