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    Seven fascinating facts about poker

    Poker is a game that has a rich and fascinating history, here are some jaw dropping facts that we would like to share with you guys.

    Only 20 cards:
    In the initial days poker was played with 20 cards and four players. Each payer was dealt with five cards and the guy who had the biggest hand used to win the bet. Complete deck of 52 cards was first used in 1834.

    Poker was once known as Poque:
    Poker originated in USA, like all the modern inventions this game too was first played the land of opportunities. Although historians and researchers are still busy in finding out that when exactly was the first hand played but one thing is for sure that this game was first played in New Orleans and it was known as poque at that time. It later on changed to poker as it gained attention of English speakers.

    History of Poker chip:
    During the earliest days any valuable or expensive objects such as gold coins and dust were used as chips. Later on the saloons used ivory, bones and wood all decorated with some symbols and signs, but this too didn’t solve the problems as people used to come up with replicas of such objects. Private firms in early 1900’s came up with a solution and started using standard poker chips which were extremely difficult to replicate.

    Longest Poker game to date:
    Many people claim to have been the part of the longest poker game but the most authentic claim comes from a theater known as Big Cage Theatre in Arizona which held a tournament way back in 1881. A 1000 $ buy-in was required to feature in the tournament and was attended by several famous personalities of the area.

    Debut of World series:
    In the year 1970, some of the hot shots of poker gathered in Las Vegas to choose the best amongst them. This event was later given the name of World series and is held every year now and the winner is decided by a freeze-out tournament now but in the first ever edition it was decided by voting.

    Origin of Texas Hold’em:
    No one is actually certain that where this legendary game began in the first place but a legislation was recently passed by the State of Texas in 2007, which claimed that the game originated in the Robstown in the early 1900’s.

    Live telecast of a Poker tournament:
    In 1973 the fourth edition of World Series was telecasted live on television by CBS. First place prize at that time was a whopping 130,000 $. Since then the World Series is telecasted each year and a lot of revenue is earned through it’s telecast.

    Share some other facts with us through the comments sections.
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