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Thread: Poker Equipment

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    Poker Equipment

    Poker is considered as one of the cheapest indoor games, though a player wins big bucks on a poker table but the equipment of poker is extremely cheap. A pack of cards is the main item for poker and although in some games two decks are required but in majority of the games only one deck is enough. Both the decks need to have distinct backs.

    Casinos mostly change the decks two to three times a day, reason is that the cards become weary and recognizable. Thus to save their clients from such cheating casinos are forced to change the decks every few hours. Good quality cards are also available in the market but they are a bit expensive, if the players agree not to bend the cards, life of cards increases. Use of a proper shuffling also preserves the quality of cards.

    Mostly poker chips are used in casinos and chips are the main attraction for poker enthusiasts, as it turns out players love to old and play around with poker chips. Standard width of a single poker chip is 39 mm and the weight is around 5 to 16 gram. Nowadays the poker chips used in casinos are mostly made up of clay or ceramic, the ceramic chips can easily be customized at thus each casino has he chips that contains the casino name, this can be done at a cost of 1$ per chip. For houses the shop owners usually advise to go with plastic chips, which come in a large array of variety.

    Poker is conventionally played on a poker table as it gives a cool vibe. Usually the top of the table is padded in order to making the picking and shuffling of cards easier. A standard poker table can accommodate ten people a time.

    Lammer is another item that is required to play poker. It is a plastic chip with different texts written on it. Most commonly used lammer is ‘dealer lammer’ it usually has a word dealer or letter ‘D’ written on it and is used to indicate which person with deal next. In casinos however lammers are used for multiple purposes such as indicating the variant that is being used and also for the indication of person whose turn it is to pay the blind.

    Other than the above mentioned items there is also a cut card that is rarely used in homes but is a must present in casinos. This card is places on the deck and prevents the players from peeking into the deck. In casinos this card is universal. A timer is also used in the poker events to count down periods in which blinds are at certain levels. These all poker items are required to play poker apart from money of course.

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