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    Fundamental theorem of poker

    Some people say that poker is all about sheer dumb luck but experts have a rather different opinion on this. Experts have argued that there are various strategies and techniques using which the chances of success increase exponentially.

    Do you know that there is a basic theorem and all other techniques and strategies are basically derived from that core rule. Theorem states that the first time player plays his hand in a way that he would have if he could see the cards of his opponents; player will have an upper hand, or speaking in general poker terms you gain. This is the first part of the theorem and is correct in many ways. First turn is always decisive and many a times it has happened that the victor is decided on the first turn. You either gain or lose at your first turn in poker.

    Thus you need to play your hand wisely, as the chances increase simultaneously because your competitors are left startled by your move.

    The second part of the theorem states that each time the opponents play their cards differently from a way through which they could see player’s cards; player gains. So basically it’s a two-way street each time your opponents make a mistake its good for you. The secret lies in knowing the cards of your opponents. All the techniques and strategies of the entire game are based on this simple theorem.

    There are many techniques used in poker and being a master of one does not necessarily means that the person is going to win the game each time they sit on the poker table.

    Most commonly and widely used technique is deception. In this strategy the player forces the opponents to act differently using various gestures and deceptions. Experts believe that wining in poker is simple only if the person does not deviate from the strategy he is trying. Opponents on the other hand must be forced to make mistakes through which the player comes to know of their cards. Bluffing also falls under the category of deception.

    Bluffing is the technique in which the player bets strongly on a weak hand, which forces the opponents to fold superior hands. Bluffing is more of a bluff as the name speaks for itself. Since the opponents have the option of ‘show’ cards through which the player immediately loses.

    Thus bluffing is more of a personal stunt and if the player is good at portraying himself he might walk away with a huge win. Bluffing is purely a gamble that most of the gamblers take and sometimes it helps them win big bucks but on other times when luck is not by their side, they end up losing all their money.

    Feel free to comment and tell us about your favorite poker strategy
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