When you’re living in a season
and that season is done
When the spring has past
and summer won’t last
From green to red -
and yellow seeming-like-gold
the leaves start to fall
then everything grows dreary and dull…

When you’re living for a reason
and that reason is gone
tears start falling while your heart’s breaking
but there’s nothing you can do
to stop things from withering

And then everything goes wrong
You feel so cold and all alone
The snow starts to fall – melting in your eyes
You sigh and ask God, Why?

Then God sings the Ecclessian song
Life has its seasons,
and everything happens for a reason

There’s a time to laugh
and a time to cry
a time to say hello
and a time to say goodbye

There’s a time to love and not to love
A time to hold on, and a time to let go

So, when you’re facing uncertainty
and you do not understand
why things aren’t the way they used to be
Don’t be weary – just think of it this way
there’s a season and reason for everything